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Do you think we are crying "WOLF!" about the inauguration?

Asked by crazyguy (3207points) January 18th, 2021

Ever since Jan 6, we have been hearing about possible rioting prior to and during the inauguration, similar to the Obama inauguration in 2009 – see

So my question is: Is today’s concern real, or is it make-believe?

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When Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939, do you think the neighbouring countries were right to be concerned about being invaded next? Or were the people bringing up that prospect just “crying wolf”?

They already stormed the capitol once, with plans to take politicians hostage, and assassinate specific ones. They planted bombs, and brought molotov cocktails.
Before Parler was taken down, insurrectionists on it already threatened that they would be back, in force, on inauguration day, not only in DC, but all over the country.

So you tell me if those concerns are justified.

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@ragingloli Sometimes crying “WOLF!” keeps the wolf away. So I hope that is what will happen this time around. However, it is very instructive to read Axelrod’s story.

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I sincerely hope there will be NO violence. We’ve done the best we can do to make it law abiding. I believe Trump wants law and order, as he stated.

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Considering the events of January 6th, the concern is very real.

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I do not think they are crying wolf. The situation has the potential to be violent. Even like Jan6th where blm and antifa donned MAGA hats hoping to fool people. They were caught in film bragging aabout their uplling it off!

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CNN again? So was last week mere rehearsal? What would you conclude following last week? The 2 things that struck me are:
1.the defenses against this sort of crap were more inadequate and random than the appalling ineptitude of the would be insurrectionists.

2. In keeping with level of competence of the lunatic responsible, the deranged cuckoos enthralled with him exhibit the same tendencies regarding stability as the psycho himself. Therefore

3. Who can possibly predict what a nasty crowd of delusional malcontents is up to?

Wouldn’t you assume it best to anticipate the worst? My solution? Cage the fool on the White House lawn from now through the inauguration.

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It pays to be safe and take all threats seriously however there is the possibility that they are being persuaded to keep away from other areas or its just a way for Trump to get an unsuccessful military sendoff?
Perhaps a set up for that?

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@ragingloli The linked story describes one person who was probably ANTIFA.

Incidentally, are you a little surprised that the only person (that I know of) that was yelling: “Burn it down!” was Antifa?

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I’m not one bit surprised that you would prefer that we believe that. What do you take us for?

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“The linked story describes one person who was probably ANTIFA.” source please

Three advisors of Trump being investigated for the riots ABC News ! Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn all promoted the Jan. 6 rally.

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Everything that happened at the capitol that fascists like were the result of patriots. Everything that happened that they don’t like were the result of Antifa.

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Three thoughts.


I’m confused by this question. The article discusses a credible threat for the 2009 inauguration, and how the appropriate parties prepared for the chance that it would play out. Is that supposed to be an example of a real concern or a make-believe one?

*** *** ***


The moral of the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” is not that credible threats to national security should be ignored because they might not come to fruition.

It’s that if you lie too often, people will stop believing you even when you are telling the truth.

*** *** ***


There’s a story about a lion and a snake (honestly I don’t remember the exact animals, and I think it varies from version to version, but it’s always one that can swim and one that is venomous). The snake asks the lion to carry it across the river on its back, and the lion agrees.

But in the middle of the river, the snake bites the lion. As the lion is dying (and the snake soon to drown), the lion cries out the snake, “Fool! Why did you bite me? Now we both will die!”

The snake replies, “You knew I was a snake. It is my nature.”

On January 6th, the people who stormed the capitol made their nature known. We’d be fools not to believe them.

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Better to cry “wolf” and be prepared than to let a couple hundred people be assassinated on Wednesday.

Listen to the Proud Boys and the right-wingers. Much better to be prepared.

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I’ve heard frog and scorpion. I also remember when my daughter was in nursery school, her favorite tune was one about a lady and a crocodile. It was funny as hell, because she would act out the parts as she sang it, sort of like sign language for the deaf. It went:

she sailed away on a happy summer’s day on the back of crocodile

you see said she I’m as happy as can be as they floated down the nile

but the croc winked his eye as she waved them all goodbye wearing a happy smile

at the end of the ride the lady was inside, inside of the crocodile

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Yes 25,000 National Guard troops is way over doing it.

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It’s obviously real. 25,000 National Guard troops is a good number for watching over an area so large.

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After January 6th we need the deterrent of our armed forces and to err on the side of caution by basically locking up the city. It sucks, but there is no choice at this point.

My gut tells me nothing happens, but something all too easily could happen.

I don’t see it as crying wolf at all. The radical alt-right idiots are unstable and many of them are still wound up.

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@JLeslie Please note the “radical alt-right idiots” were inside the Capitol for hours, and did not set even one fire. How disgusting!

@kritiper I do think the best way to deter any kind of action is to completely outman any possible attempt; however, what we are doing now should have also been done in many other cities during the summer of 2020.

@gondwanalon Even during the MLK riots and the Civil war, we have never had that many armed troops in Washington DC. Tucker had an interesting take on the situation today.

@sadiesayit Let us agree that it is good to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared. However, does the situation warrant more armed guardsmen than were used during the Civil war and the night MLK was gunned down?

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You going in green and brown camo or desert storm camo ? I’m asking ‘cause I want to be able see you in video !

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@crazyguy. …what we are doing now should have also been done in many other cities during the summer 2020.

You continue to create a false equivalency between the violent attack against the Congress of the United States and the First Amendment protest activities in response to murders of Black citizens by racist police who were sworn to serve and protect.

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Is today’s concern real, or is it make-believe? The concern is very real and not make-believe. Now if you mean to ask if the threat from the right is make-believe, that is another matter. Trump’s followers aren’t normal. They are a part of a cult and cult members will do anything, and I mean anything to please their leader. They have been racialized for 4 years and so thinking in a reasonable way is beyond them. The threats for the 6th were well known ahead of time but people didn’t prepare for it. So it’s best to actually be overly prepared than not.

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@crazyguy: “Tucker had an interesting take on the situation today.”

How embarrassing.

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@crazyguy Didn’t set one fire? You have got to be kidding me. There is not one thing to defend about a mob storming and terrorizing the people who work at or protect our Capitol and the process that was happening within those walls to certify the election.

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@crazyguy “Please note the “radical alt-right idiots” were inside the Capitol for hours, and did not set even one fire.”

Probably because they were there to commit murder, not start fires.

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And then Chinese and Iranian agents take laptops and cellphones. Maybe left a bug or two !

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@Strauss I guess you are saying exactly what I thought the Left would say: Violence is ok, if the cause is ok. Well, I say VIOLENCE IS NEVER JUSTIFIED.

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@Strauss I guess you are saying exactly what I thought the Left would say: Violence is ok, if the cause is ok. Well, I say VIOLENCE IS NEVER JUSTIFIED.

@Pandora That is interesting. “Trump’s followers..are a part of a cult”! All 74 million of them!

@hello321 YOU lost me.

@JLeslie Sorry. That was meant to be a sarcastic remark. It was contrasting the BLM protests with the so-called “Insurrection”.

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@crazyguy Are you saying left wing extremist rioters set fires? That would be walking right into a trap if you think that. You say you are being sarcastic so I’ll just assume that’s not what you meant.

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@crazyguy: “YOU lost me.”

I’m sure I did.

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@crazyguy Of course not all of them because they didn’t all show up at the capitol nor do all of them believe the election was stolen. But those pushing the false narrative of a stolen election are part of the cult and many of them have been racialized.. I will never understand anyone putting themselves in harm’s way or harming someone else for a person who would never do the same for them.

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@JLeslie That is exactly what I am saying.

@Pandora Here are two sentences from your earlier post: “Trump’s followers aren’t normal. They are a part of a cult and cult members will do anything, and I mean anything to please their leader.” So now you tells us that you did not mean all Trump supporters.

Here is the last sentence from your newest post: “I will never understand anyone putting themselves in harm’s way or harming someone else for a person who would never do the same for them.” Does this sentence relate to all Trump supporters or just the ones “pushing the false narrative of a stolen election”?

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@crazyguy Ok then, PROOF for you that Antifa was not rioting at the Capitol, it was the alt-right Nazis who were and still are desperate for Trump to stay in office. Those were your bedfellows.

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President Joseph R. Biden!

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@JLeslie With the new administration, I hereby commit to never mentioning the ex-President again. However, Biden, Harris, Socialism, Freebies, BLM and Antifa will continue to be fair game.

As far as the fires go, I was using “fire” as a stand-in for destruction. And the point is that the destruction caused by the so-called “INSURRECTION” was rather small compared to the massive destruction caused by the BLM/Antifa rioters. In Minneapolis alone, the damage estimate is $200 million!

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How about let’s not compare. Destruction is destruction.

Attacking the Capitol, trying to stop the verification of an election, threatening the life of anyone let alone our elected leaders and police officers trying to protect our Capitol, is a special type of attack.

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@JLeslie So is burning down the business (and therefore livelihood) of some poor slob whose only involvement with what went down was the location of his/her business!

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I think that certain groups wanted everyone to BELIEVE something huge was going to happen, quite honestly.

But good for the government making a plan to secure Congress. I kind of assumed they’d had plenty of time for that before Trump, but obviously not.

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@crazyguy the Congress was threatened by your heroes !!

BLM is only interesting !

They didn’t try to end Democracy, the BLM only tried to end tyranny by the “fright wingers” !

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@KNOWITALL I do believe that there was chatter in the usual places about more actions; therefore, the authorities sent out warnings. Fortunately, the warnings were taken more seriously than earlier warnings during the BLM riots. The result was an overwhelming force which was enough to dissuade any would-be rioters.

@Tropical_Willie I’ll answer your comment this one time, although I see that your tone and choice of words has not changed one iota. It seems you tend to equate the rioting, looting and arson during the BLM rioting to wars of independence. BLM did threaten the White House, as I recall.

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BLM did not attack the US Congress (You are deflecting and making stuff up ) !!

You are making stuff up about BLM about threatening the US Congress because your leader and chief maker up is gone to Florida and soon to be in foreign exile?

Are you threatened by BLM ? or any non fright wing group ? ?

Bet you are !

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@Tropical_Willie In spite of my best intentions, I cannot take you off the IGNORE list.

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That’s right. Ignoring him should do the trick. No defense is as beneficial as burying your head in the sand.

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@stanleybmanly I absolutely do not mind engaging in a constructive manner. However, @Tropical_Willie has shown in his/her many posts, that s/he has no intention of being constructive. The latest post is just one example.

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@crazyguy . . .—You started to ignore me the first time I posted, because I pointed out all your mis-truths and bad assumptions. !

But I’m happy happy HAPPY

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