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What is the glow from Jesus Christ and his Apostles?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21250points) January 18th, 2021

Is it fruit of the spirit or something else? In stained glass artwork he is shown to glow.

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When Moses came down from the mountain, after recieving the 10 Commandments, the Bible says beams of light were coming from his head.
Oddly, this was badly translated at one point, and it read that he had grown horns.
That is why the Michaelangelo sculpture of Moses has horns.

The enlightenment of God’s will is my guess.

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@filmfann I thought it might be like a runners high or being in the zone. Or great health and the absence of spiritual/psychological knots.

I feel like glowing when I have a good meal and or a good day good sleep.

Also could be a sugar high.

For those who played D&D it was described as charisma over 25 and called a divine Aroura.

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It is representative of their aura.

Aura – emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual. “emotional, mental, and spiritual levels form an energy field around the body known as the aura”

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A symbol of holiness, if you mean old pictures or art.

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It’s an artistic thing to denote the holiness of the subject, nothing more.

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Oh sure, next thing you will say is that angels don’t have halos. Enough of this blasphemy!

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Angels don’t have halos.
If there were angels and they did have halos, how would they get to sleep at night? Do halos have off switches??

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I always thought it was to signify that they are the light or a symbol of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

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