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How do you suppose it must feel to leave office labeled the worst President yet?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24143points) January 19th, 2021 from iPhone

Apparently senior Trump staffers are having trouble securing jobs. I wonder why

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@stanleybmanly For his loyal lap dogs he could rape a child, try to over throw the US government, lie over 30thousand times, give huge tax cuts to the wealthy, and fail so bad at dealing with Covid19 that resulted with over 410,000 dead Americans and they would claim fake news and love him more.

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I think that he would feel powerful as he wanted to be known around the World and that he but not in the way that it turned out in the end.

He wanted to Brand his surname and thus he was successful in that, but is now known as a corrupt, narcissistic individual incapable of honesty and trustworthiness.

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@SQUEEKY2 I was thinking this morning while getting my first covid shot that he managed to leave office with less than half a million covid deaths on his plate.

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@Inspired 2write The irony in all of this is that to this day he hasn’t a clue of himself as a catastrophe.

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@stanleybmanly @Inspired_2write funnily enough, I just finished watching this video the other day. The first story is about an Indonesian woman who claimed to be a “shaman” and butchered her client during a ritual. The crime was extremely senseless as she had no reason to kill the man at all other than… some sadistic pleasure maybe? One thing the Youtuber explicitly said at the beginning of the video is that she really loved attention. And she was really happy when she got caught, even claiming to finally got the fame she wanted. The woman just didn’t care at all, even bad publicity was publicity to her.

It makes me wonder if Trump’s thought process is the same at that woman. Could he somehow know what he did is bad but doesn’t care because he’s happy enough as long as people talk about him? With the media constantly pointing out how ridiculous he has been and the Internet meming him to death throughout his presidency, he could have stopped for a few second and thought “hey, maybe I should change something”. But no, he just pushed on. This makes me suspect that maybe he just enjoys attention, good or bad.

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He probably doesn’t see it as “worst” president, but as “most maligned and unjustly treated” president, which carries an air of drama and tragedy, which he craves.

@misfit I didn’t see the modded response,arks, were they simply well-reasoned, but unpopular opinions, or something else? Things get modded in Social sometimes if they are way off topic.

No need to be “kind of afraid” to post because of that.

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Sorry about the typos.

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Given how narcissists function, I’d say we have a better chance at guessing how it feels than Trump has of actually feeling. He is incapable of seeing himself as anything but a wild success.

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Depends. If I’m a psycho or a sociopath I might be feeling now is the time to plan on how to make my enemies pay and how I could make my friends and deplorable fans pay me money to continue our evil movement.

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I wonder how it feels that his own VP would rather attend the next president’s inauguration, instead of your sendoff.

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These past 4 years include 289 days on the golf course.

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The current Worst President Ever titleholder doesn’t care.

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I don’t think he thinks of himself as the worst President ever. I think he is surrounded by people who praise him and cheer for him, and his kids think he’s the best thing ever, so in his tiny mind that’s encased in that big orange head, he thinks he is the best President in recent history.

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I agree with @jca2 he said he takes responsibility for nothing, takes credit for anything a bit positive.
His ego would never let him see himself as a bad leader,even with the latest impeachment kept calling it a witch hunt, I mean golly all I did was incite a riot and try and over throw a duly elected government, them damn dems are just out to get me.

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Only labeled that by the haters. The patriots know better. But I’m sure you don’t
get it at all. If perchance you were happy people you wouldn’t be creating these miserable posts.

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^ This is so compelling that I just ordered a Trump confederate flag thong.

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Just a thong? Why not a maga ball gag, and a choker with a tag that says ”*** my *** daddy trump!”

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^ Already own those.

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No…wait…is @si3tech a trump supporter??

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@Dutchess sadly yes. He has been commenting on all political threads here and he doesn’t sound happy.

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It has been spewing QAnon fuelled misinformation for quite a while now.

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