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Do you think that this is a slight overreaction to Biden winning?

Asked by ragingloli (50598points) January 20th, 2021

What percentage of the population do you think had the same reaction?

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They’re all mentally challanged.

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Pathetic – But that’s what it looks like when everyone on the crazy train finds out their ride is over.

As far as percentages go, it’s time for a reality check. More polls are showing increasing confidence in the voting process, and the results of the election :

What this means is that a substantial majority of Americans now believe the election was fair, accept Biden as president, don’t trust Trump, and aren’t crazy. There are honest disagreements on policy that still divide people on specific issues. But that doesn’t mean the country is falling apart.

Democracy means dissent, diversity and sometimes division. Insanity means rejecting that for conspiracy theories and personality cults.

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Totally reasonable. She made some good points. Why was Biden flying this crazy flag rather than the American flag?

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The fright wing are bat shit crazy,bet this lady was fine with rioters taking down the American flag and putting up confederate ,and Trump flags?
She is just sad she isn’t going to be able to chow down on his yummy BBQ bullshit on a bun anymore.

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I just hope they will all go crawl back beneath whatever shitty rock they crawled out from under.

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She needs mental help.

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I don’t believe the woman’s reaction exaggerated one bit. I believe her anguish authentic and her frustration palpable. The tragedy is nearly stupefying in the sense that it wouldn’t matter to this poor woman were Trump to sprout horns and a tail in front of her.

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That video is by an Anteefa activist trying to make Trump supporters appear hysterical and stupid, like them commie liberals are.

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Is it your assertion that they must be made to “appear” hysterical and stupid?

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Does anyone know where the original video is from? I refuse to believe this is real and not just a hilarious satirical video by someone trying to be funny. It just… has every component possible of a meme!

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I think it’s real.

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@Mimishu1995 , Interesting , but I don’t think the lady in the video is that good enough of an actor.

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@Mimishu1995 – Check with ragingloli, but the link she posted connects to reddit’s Public Freakout page.

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