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Do you like watching, "My 600 lb Life?" I'm addicted to it and it helps control my eating habits.

Asked by Aster (20016points) January 20th, 2021

I’ve been homebound for almost a year. Luckily, I have a daughter who does everything for me. She made sure I got a new Samsung tv and Dish Network. I’m crazy about them but not crazy about the weight I’ve gained since she has my credit card and once a week buys everything on my grocery list. “My 600 lb Life” is kicking in and I’ve not craved as much food and snacks as in the past.
Do you watch it?

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There you are! We’ve missed you!
I’ve watched it a couple of times. But each episode is like a rerun of the one before it.

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Thank you @Dutchess_III . It’s so popular that other shows are cropping up to mimic it but they’re not as good. “My 600lb Mom” is one. Just not as good. And there’s another one; can’t remember the name….oh, I remember now. “Thousand lb Sisters.” It’s pretty dull.

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Whatever it takes to get motivated.

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Glad to see you back here.

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@Aster I was just asking about you the other day! Good to see you back. Yes, I watch it, not religiously, but when there’s one I haven’t seen before. I’ve been changing my eating habits, too. No more doughnuts, ice cream, and Entenmanns. Have lost 10 lbs so far.

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My husband won’t let me, but when he’s out I do like to watch it. It’s fascinating to me to see the way the body handles weight gain and how people function carrying so much weight. I stopped watching years ago when a lovely large Hawaiian man ended up relapsing and dying.

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@KNOWITALL That reminded me of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, the Hawaiian with the freakin’ amazing voice. In 1997 (age 38) he died in the middle of the night from respiratory failure. He died before his vast popularity. At one point he weighed 750 lbs. If you’re interested, here’s a video of him singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which he is famous for. I highly recommend it.

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I usually don’t watch any reality shows. I did watch “1000 Pound Sisters” and thought it was amusing.

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I’ve watched it. It’s so sad to see that people can let themselves go to that degree. But good to see them finally learn to take back control.

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@gondwanalon I feel bad for them. In every case that I’ve seen there’s been a significant trauma early in their lives with no one to turn to for help in dealing with it. Often it’s been abuse. It’s an addiction like alcohol, porn, drugs, sex, internet, shopping, adrenaline, etc. You’re right, though, it IS sad.

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What I don’t understand is some of those people can’t even get out of bed. Someone has to be bringing them food…..

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Thank you, @smudges (a new name)? and @Tropical_Willie !
@Dutchess_III you’re exactly right. The people who cannot get out of bed or can’t stand for more than five minutes do have a relative or paid friend to bring them meals to their bed.
Any other questions? I happen to be a card-carrying expert on this series. I guess I watch it two hours a day.

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So the people bring them food that is just as unhealthy in substance and amount as the person gets for themselves? That’s criminal.

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@Aster Hi! I’ve been here since July, so yes, a relatively new person. I was browsing through old threads when I saw your name and wondered where you’d been. I posted, asking about you and a lot of people responded, both to your absence as well as other people, like flo, but it has since been deleted…not sure why. Anyway, welcome back!

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