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Why is Wyoming so empty yet so lovely to live?

Asked by PrasannaBhat (44points) January 22nd, 2021

Wyoming as a place to live and raise you family

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Maybe that could mean something…

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Wyoming has beautiful mountains and some lovely places to visit.

It is empty for a lot of reasons:
– there are no big cities (neither Cheyenne or Laramie count as a real city. Both are cow towns)

- there is no big white collar industry that draws people in. There is a lot mining and a lot of oil industry work that gets done to the west and the north of the state, but there’s nothing like Silicon Valley to draw the younger post-college youth.

- Most importantly, it isn’t near anything. The closest big city is Denver. There are railroads and there are highways, but getting anywhere takes hours and hours. There aren’t any significant airports either.

Parts of it are beautiful – I have visited WYoming several times and love it. But not to live.

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Lack of jobs

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It is high altitude cattle country, not farmland. For example, Kemmerer is at 7,000’ and they say they only have two seasons: Winter and the 4th of July. ALL of Wyoming has brutal winters! And it’s rather barren. So it’s a nice place to visit in the summer, but, otherwise, you wouldn’t want to live there!

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48% of Wyoming is Federal land. Most of the rest is very large ranches.

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There can only be large ranches because the stuff cattle eat doesn’t grow well there so it takes a very large area to feed cattle.

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Speaking personally, I find it’s not hard to be empty and lovely.

Wyoming does have more sheep though.

If you’re into that.

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I spent a month there one night!

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@JLoon ”...Speaking personally, I find it’s not hard to be empty and lovely.”. Sounds like someone I went out with years ago.

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