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Is it a red flag if the senior leaders are somewhat new?

Asked by chelle21689 (7900points) January 24th, 2021 from iPhone

Sorry for all the career questions, it’s just been weighing heavily on my mind.

I have been unemployed since August and it has been a struggle finding work. I am in the HR field. I finally get offered a job with a big company (you may have heard of it but to be safe I won’t say..think JP Morgan, AAA, Amazon big). It’s a step up from my last job, much more pay, work from home, boss and team seems great. I was so happy when they offered me the job. I told them I would love to accept but I need to look over the benefits and talk to my husband first. They gave me the weekend and I’m to officially accept tomorrow after I go through some questions.

One big question in my head, why is HR staff so new?I found out the HR manager has only been there a few months, the HR director almost a year, and so now I’m wondering why. The generalist has been there for 2 years. Other regions have been 15 years. I am wondering if it’s new or if some president cleaned house and brought in new people? Newly added Hr department for the region? I think it’s the latter judging from my research. Many of the long tenured HR staff are on the west coast. It makes me fearful that it’s a red flag. I would like to ask about it in a subtle way when I call them tomorrow but I don’t want to sound negative. I did forget to ask the question “Why is this position open?” To get more details. I am wondering if it’s too late to ask?
I am hoping this job isn’t too good to be true.

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HR department first to get “sacked” ! One place I was hired at (after 13 months); nobody I interviewed with was there! Three levels on interviews gone.

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@Tropical_Willie Now I am afraid and no longer excited.

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I wouldn’t be worried about it. If the job sounds good in every other way I would take it.

As long as you were able to discuss expectations in the interview process and met your direct manager and felt good about the rapport, then it should be fine. Did you get to ask things you worry about whatever they are? Things you don’t want to deal with like maybe being expected to work until 8:00 at night.

I think it’s too late to ask questions about why this and why that, you would have had to do it during the process.

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Things should on the up swing now ! @chelle21689

They were on the recruiting and hiring side, one was a past teacher in high school.

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@JLeslie I was planning to go over the schedule and start date with her tomorrow before signing. Everything else felt good with them. This is me, a worry wart. I always find something mew to worry about. I just hope this works out fine.

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I would go for it and not ask about the previous people until the paperwork was signed and you had your employee pass and keys to your desk.
Maybe the staff just all moved on to run bigger departments or work in other groups. If the company is large they might have opened another branch somewhere. Or they sold a division and some of the staff went with it to help facilitate the change.
I won’t tell you to stop worrying because I know that does not help.
Just go with it.

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@chelle21689 It sounds like a really good resume opportunity.

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Take it and figure the rest out on the job. Either way you can make a decision later.

Many corporate businesses are moving to regional hubs and the work from home model, so that would not be unusual.

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It sounds wonderful. I’d go for it!

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Of course you take the job. Unless you believe it some sort of criminal enterprise, you would be crazy to do otherwise. Whatever the reason for the current situation, you will be PAID while you discover it.

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I do not think being somewhat new is a red flag.

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Thanks all. It’s a huge company so I am thinking they needed to add HR to the region. The other region’s HR all have been there 10–15 years. My notes from the first interview says it is a new department in place. It looks like they are looking to grow especially with my position. Everything sounds great so far so yeah only one way to find out! Most importantly I will be paid and I have a job.

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It wouldn’t matter. You know in HR there are so many rules to follow about speaking about former workers or current bosses. You won’t know the details till you are hired so there is no point is worrying about it. It could be they cleaned house because people got too complacent and lazy. But they can’t tell you that. Or it’s also possible that people left because they got better pay or benefits at another job and some just retired. It’s rare to find people stay in a job for more than 5 years now. I mean some do, but only in jobs where they can grow with the company and get paid better. I remember some years ago my husband was offered a great job but there were no step increases. It was enough to pay the bills but not really enough to save much for retirement. Two months later one of the places he applied for called him for an interview. This job was offering 25 percent more pay and more vacation time. A year later another opening came available and this one offered pay increases and more vacation time and more sick leave. He had no intention of leaving his first job but the offer was too good to pass up.
Jobs are like being married. The moment you get a ring everyone regrets you are off the market and figure maybe they should see if you are still interested.
It’s my way of saying. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out because it really isn’t like a marriage. You can look for other offers while you remain employed and find something better.
I did that once in a 3 year period. Took the first job to just get my foot in the door and then 5 jobs later ended up with the job with the best hours, better vacation time and best pay. Never in all that time did I quit a job before securing the next job.

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