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If something's bean soup, what is it now?

Asked by janbb (60928points) January 25th, 2021

As asked. Hint: this is humor.

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Soup beans.

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Or has-beens?

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It’s bean sad.

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So long it’s bean good to know you…..

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I keep trying to post a grin, but it won’t accept it. :-D

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It might “bean” Soupy Sales !

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It is now an aquarium for inbread legumes.

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Is it soup yet?

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@Yellowdog Soup tomorrow and soup yesterday but it’s never soup today!

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was it soup then?

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Its not soup yet, then. But we’re making progress. Right now its coffee, and @stanleybmanly earlier (then) it was just iced tea!

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what?? too deep for me. I sometimes wonder how long it will be before we are actually able to concoct gourmet coffee and great tasting fake bacon from sewage and compost.

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When the soup’s on it’s bean and when it has been it’s a soupçon of something else.

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Can’t think of anything witty to say, but I’m sure happy to see people lighten up after the past few weeks. Been a stressful January for our nation. And I won’t even mention the “T” word.

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Boston beans, soy beans,
green beans, cabbage and greens.
I’m not keen enough for a bean
Unless it is a cherry cherry bean, boy!

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Manhattan Transfer (1975) said, “You know I’m not keen about a bean, unless it is a chili chi;i bean’ (talk it boy!).

The Inkspots, who did the original version in the 1940s, said, ”...unless it is a coffee, coffee bean.” Which makes sense since it is Java Jive the song is about.

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“Address Unknown” “If I Didn’t Care” and I think they did “Smoke Rings” before the Mills Brothers.

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