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What do you do with all of your magazines?

Asked by helena (239points) August 3rd, 2007

I get lots of mags and they really pile up! How do you handle/organize your leisure reading stacks? And what do you do when you're done? With all that glossy print, are they recyclable...?

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My town does collect glossy as well as regular papers for recycling... you'll have to contact your Municipal Utilities office to find out.

I almost never read magazines anymore because I can get the info I want and need online, so I am trying to cancel my subscriptions to save on paper and the junk mail that those subscriptions seem to generate.

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I donate my magazines and my daughter's magazines to the Women's shelter. My mother also donates all of her paperback books to the shelter. The women really love them!

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I give them away to friends and family to enjoy, sometimes I even just give them away to people who look like they need something to do.

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donate to your local schools library if they don't want them recycle them with the local garbage recycle.... that what i do

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This is an article called "39 ways to live and not merely exist":

It advises to quit reading magazines. That's what I did, and it worked marvelously. It saved me lots of time, which I can spend going to movies, reading books, browsing the internet, writing freelance articles and doing other stuff I love doing. Magazines are worthless. Quit reading them!

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Friends and family. If they don't need, its nice to donate at a local cancer center where people can read while receiving chemo.

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I read 'zines only at the public library now. The few I still get I donate to them or the staged care or assisted living for senior citizens.

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I dump them all in the recycling bin! Most are unread. I've tried to discontinue them--even moved and hoped to be rid of them. Didn't work!

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I let them stack up until some one dumps them out.

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I’ve always just recycled them.

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