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Is "Trumpism" now the core of the Republican Party?

Asked by Strauss (22717points) February 16th, 2021

Does this mean the “Party of Lincoln ” is now the party of Trump?

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It is.
Just look at how they are censuring the few republicans with a spine, who dared voting to convict the Orangutan.
Like Mitt Romney, republican presidential frontrunner in 2012, is now accused by his own party of being a “deep state agent”.
Or Adam Kinzinger, who got a letter from his own family telling him that “he joined the Devil’s army”.

They are afraid of a large swath of their voters leaving the party in to enlist in a potential drumpf-party, so they are doubling down on their cock-worship of the Insurrectionist-in-Chief, while those left with any shred of decency, who dare to criticise their orange god, will be ostracised.

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I hope so. He put our country and MOST importantly our people first. He brokered 3 peace treaties. Under Trump the Dow got to 31 thousand. He has a longer record of accomplishments than any other president to date. All this done while the opposition tried to impeach him and undercut him at every turn. After the treatment he received for 4 years, only a man of integrity (and perseverance) would consider running for re-election. A great man who will be missed by many.

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As Trump himself had no core other than self interest and narcissism it is difficult to see what lies at the core of the Republican Party anymore.

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Seems like it. Look at the way those Republicans who voted to convict him are being received in their home states. They’re being “purged”. Look at the way the Lincoln Project imploded. Going against Trump means going against the party. Trump is the party; the party is Trump. Even talk of 2024 seems to revolve entirely around Trump or even Trump Jr. It’s a party defined by a single man. Like them or not, the Republicans are much better at coalescing around a single goal or message. The Democrats are way more fractured and seem to have nothing other than “not Trump” to offer (see, even they are defined in terms of Trump—maybe Trump is more than the Republican party and he’s America itself!). :D

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Not at all. He did some good things during his term, that won’t be forgotten by Reps as easily as Dems. The only reason he’s still in the news is that he’s so entrenched in Dems headspace.

I assure you, he left mine, and most actual Trumpers here, when he lost the election in November.

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Is “Trumpism” now the core of the Republican Party?

It is the cancer that has metastasized throughout the GOP.

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No. “Trumpism,” if that is a term, refers to the extreme side of the Republican party which I call “The Tea Baggers.” The Tea Bag party, was and/or is an extreme conservative group that wants to take America back to what it was in the beginning.
The Republican party (The GOP), as it was known until recently, has now become a more moderate Republican party.

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It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Trump and McConnell plays out. Even though McConnell voted not to convict Trump, he strongly condemned Trump’s actions.

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I would think that Trump would wish it so since it appeals to his narcissistic and authoritarian personality.

The main problem then becomes with a personality like that he will eventually turn on his own followers one day.

I wonder if his followers are aware of that or are they permanently blind to his faults?

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I believe so. I only know one Republican who has denounced Trump. The majority are either silent or they are 100% Trump supporters. Some have left the party and are now independent.

In other words the Republican Party is done.

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