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Photographers: two part question.

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) September 9th, 2008 from iPhone

For a flash based web site that shows off your photos on your site what do you use to make the slideshows?

Also what programs would you recommend for a new photographer? Right now I’m using photoshop cs3 and lightroom 2.

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I think flickr has some sort of Flash slideshow player. Otherwise there’s SlideShowPro if you want to go that route. Finally you could get someone to develop a custom one for you if you want to stand out.

I’m a flat-out amateur myself but as for apps, I wouldn’t worry so much about them just yet in terms of photo manipulation – I think its best to get good and familiar with your camera first. Lightroom or iPhoto or Aperture are all fine for cataloguing your photos. Personally I like iPhoto because its very simple but my second choice would be Lightroom.

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for the app, being an amateur myself i love using Aperture2, but that’s only if you have a mac ofcourse, i think lightroom would make a good 2nd

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Sorey I cannot answer your first part, I haven’t done much flash design. But for the second part, I use Aperture 2, Photoshop and Photomatix Pro.

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well, i think in the end a lot is also dependant on how you took it, for instance this one i shot of my little nephew was slightly edited, but it was a nice one to begin with, i just adjusted the blackpoint and added a bit of vibrancy

p.s., watching it on a regular screen now, man, is that a difference to a callibrated one, color is totally weird all of the sudden

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@iwamoto cute pic

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I currently use Aperture, but I have used LightRoom and still use iPhoto for basic organization.

As a Web designer, I would recommend against a Flash site. It limits the number of people who can view your work.

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InDesign is a good program too.

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