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What will be the result of a magnetic polar shift?

Asked by Strauss (22099points) 1 month ago

For years I’ve heard and read about the possibility that the earth’s magnetic field has experienced shifts in the past. I recently came across this video which briefly touches on some of the effects such a shift would have.

Do you think it’s possible? Would it be gradual or sudden?
Could it be happening right now?

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At the least the devices that use magnetic fields will need to be recalibrated. Like compasses and what not.
Birds might not be able to migrate properly.

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The poles will melt, and the equator will shift. Flooding everywhere, agriculture massively screwed up for generations.

On the other hand, great opportunities for animal evolution.

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Here what NASA thinks will happen !

They say it happens all the time last one was 800,000 years ago, it could take hundreds if not thousands of years to flip.

Not much.

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@elbanditoroso Are you confusing magnetic poles with the planet’s axis of rotation?

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All polar bears will be drawn to the South Pole.

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