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Is there a free site that can animate still photos like the link that I have included?

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unfortunately the link that I sent will allow only a couple of try’s then switches to subscribe to My Heritage site of which $194 up to $200 Canadian will be annually taken off in one payment for each year? I only wanted a monthly but not the case. Read the fine print on terms.
Is there any other company cheaper?

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This artist can do it, but you may want to specify the personality you want them to apply to each face.

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I’m afraid not. There are softwares that can animate photos but they are expensive and also are dependent on the skill of the person using the software. So, they aren’t cheap and I’ve not seen a site that does it for free.
If you have multiple photos, you can maybe create a gif or slide animator versions, which are almost as good.

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Have you tried circumventing it, by clearing your browser cache, then reconnecting your internet to get a new IP? It might trick the website into thinking you are a different person.

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Check out TokkingHeads. I know it does the same thing, but don’t know about price etc.

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No problem! It’s so funny that you asked this question. Just the night before you posted, my Mom’s husband sent me a couple of pictures of her that he used myheritage to animate. That’s how I found out about tokkingheads – I was searching for someone else who does it.

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Oh nice coincidence.
But I will not pay that high cost per year ( only and NO monthly subscriptions)?
Was wondering if one did have that subscription if one can send copies to relatives, or is it restricted?

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@Inspired_2write I know very little about myheritage in general, and didn’t look into the Deep Nostalgia at all. One thing I think I saw in a brief description, is that the picture has to be on the site. So it’s not like you can use pictures you have at home – if I understood that right. Like I said, I didn’t look into it.

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