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Have any of you seen these Karen videos on You Tube?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20025points) 1 month ago

Is it the Pandemic that is making these idiots do this, or are they truly that stupid?

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The girl is too annoying to watch much of this.

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Some are truly that stupid & some do it for the attention One young lady admitted that she was acting out how her own mother did while in public & she, herself, was only acting for her youtube fans.

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Is the pandemic stressing these people so bad that they act out this stupid, or are they truly this brain dead?

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Some of these look really staged. The fact that some of these are from Tik Tok should be a red flag.

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Sometimes I look at the channel “Karens in the Wild.” Some are funny, to me. It’s amazing how quickly some people go from 0 to 60 with their mood and start screaming. I think it’s something about society today, maybe because some people are feeling entitled, maybe because some are stressed, maybe because some have no filter.

Karens in the Wild:

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