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Mac Problem?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 10th, 2008

No that this bothers me but when I usually go to turn off my computer this like normal. So when I went this time it showed this. Why does it do this? Should I be worried?

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I wouldn’t worry. psyla is accurate on his synopsis of the situation (except for macs do have problems sometimes).

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It happens when you hold option. Or is it shift? I think it’s option. It’s nothing to worry about.

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Are you are on your main account? The… Usually denotes further action via dialog box is needed. Such as being in another account and wanting to shit down.

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Crap… “shit down”

I am heavily mediated right now. Please ignore me if I spout “weird shit,” I think I was shooting for “shut Down.”

I’m sorry. These pills have turned my brain to even more mush.

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I have nothing to offer in this board but I do like the term “shit down”.

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I should probably leave the Internet until I can get my meds sorted out. The chat room is fair game since that is always gibberish anyway.

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I have seen this.. I just cant reproduce it. Now my inner nerd won’t allow me to sleep until I figure the problem out. Fuck.

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I posted it over at ars…


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Great Answers, everyone. But I am not talking about the force quit. I had all applications quit (obviously excluding the Finder) and the apple menu had repeated it each time I clicked the Apple Button. and each time it grew. Like if i hit the button there would be 7 Shut downs, 7 restarts, etc. *I forgot to take a picture dammit

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Seriously, it happens when you hold option. Clicking on “shut down” instead of “shut down…” turns off the computer without requiring confirmation. Under the force quit menu option, is a way to more quickly close the foreground app

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7 shut downs? Okay, that’s broken behaviour. Sorry for the jittery responses, I’m on my phone.

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It’s ok. haha. But yeah not the way a Mac is supposed to run and I wasn’t holding anything down. I’ll take a pic this time if it happens again.

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OK simple fix. My buddies at ars took care of this for you.

Apple Menu > System Preferences>Universal Access…. Turn off VoiceOver.

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Or you can go Command 5. But I had it off at the time….

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What’s actually happening in this situation is that the menu is showing both the regular options, but also the options when holding a hot key down (shift, command, etc). If you open the menu and then press down command or shift, you will see some of the commands change. However, your menu shows all the options without combining the similar ones together.

This could actually be a serious problem in the OS. First things first, disable any software that modifies your OS (such as Shapshifter for example) and then run a Software Update. If this doesn’t fix it, call up the Apple help line (133–622) and explain the problem.

Otherwise, as a last resort, you could reinstall OS X.

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I was going to say, you would notice if VoiceOver was on unless you constantly keep your computer on mute. I think chroma’s solution is the best route.

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Hmmmm. Look at the first answer. It was a pro-Mac/anti-PC answer with no inflammatory verbage. It seems Fluther was born from a PC mama!

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