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If I want to add an external monitor to my Apple MacBook, must I buy an Apple monitor, or do all monitors work with Apples?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) October 10th, 2008

it looks like there is a special port on the side for a display cord, i’m guessing only certain screens can be added, but I feel that these monitors will be really expensive, any advice is appreciated

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most monitors should work with macbooks. check the manufacturer of the monitor first to see if they support macs.

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You can buy adapters for the Mini DVI connection.

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The adapter from Mini DVI to DVI/VGA is $20. I usually keep a 24” Sun monitor plugged into mine. About any monitor newer than 1998 will work with your macbook.

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If it’s DVI or VGA or S-Video, it will work :)

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Yeah all you need is a DVI to Mini-DVI adapter and a DVI monitor and you should be good to go. I have a 24” Dell plugged up to mine.

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@StellarAirman: That would be a Mini-DVI to DVI adapter, not the opposite ;)

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It’s all about the cables and connectors on both machines. Other than that, it’s almost always a simple plug-n-play.

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