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Have you been to, or invited to a "vaccinated only" gathering?

Asked by anniereborn (14364points) 1 month ago

My nephew is getting married in September. He is thinking of allowing only vaccinated people. The trouble is, his father is an
anti-vaxxer and probably wouldn’t go. Which makes me crazy mad. Have any of you had a similar experiences?

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Not yet. I think right now it makes sense. In 3 months it will probably be less necessary. September is far off. Maybe he should wait a few months to decide.

Where I live there are groups that are back to normal because everyone is vaccinated in the room. Examples: Card games (10 tables in a room sometimes). Practice for performing dance groups. The list goes on. I don’t know if they said vaccinated people only, or if all the people returning simply are vaccinated. Also, dinner with friends, friends who know each other are vaccinated are now willing to go out together and sit at the same table.

Maybe he can ask people not vaccinated to wear a mask or to get tested or quarantine. Can his dad be trusted to quarantine before the wedding? A lot of anti-vaxxers never took covid seriously and when they say they are being careful their idea of quarantine and careful is not really quarantining.

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No I’ve not.

It is your nephew’s and his wife’s wedding not his father’s, so they get to set the rules.

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No. But I am sorry for your nephew whose dad is an idiot.

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@JLeslie No. He is a Trumpster. He only wears masks when he absolutely has to. Same with distancing. He’s an ass.

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We’ve been pretty good about gatherings, and usually wear masks when we aren’t eating.
Tomorrow is my birthday, which I don’t celebrate (self-loathing works for me), but my daughter will be up with her family, and my sister’s family will join us for dinner. Most of the adults have been vaccinated.

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@anniereborn And, you’re angry at your nephew? Or, did I misunderstand?

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@JLeslie No, I am mad at my brother IN law

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I did misunderstand. That does suck. Is he angry that he might not get to go?

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@JLeslie I honestly don’t know that much about it all yet. I heard tell of the situation from my other nephew (the engaged one’s brother). I doubt my sister even knows I know.

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@anniereborn Has he always been an anti-vaxxer? I ask, because he might eventually get the shot if not. Trump is not an anti-vaxxer or part of that eat health try natural crowd. He took the drugs when he was sick and he got vaccinated when he was able to. Most Trump supporters where I live are vaccinated, but I definitely have Trumper friends who will not get vaccinated.

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That hasn’t really come up yet in my life, but there are chitterings of such things.

I’m sorry that your nephew has been put in this position by his father, but I would imagine that he was already aware of these issues with his father before he said anything. I applaud his (the nephew’s) willingness to have his event be as safe as possible for their family and friends.

Please keep us apprised, I am now curious as to how this will play out.

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This is an issue that needs to play out between your nephew and his father only. There are a lot of subliminal emotions here; perhaps your nephew is seeing it as a test of his father’s love for him. I would do my best to stay out of offering any opinions other than to support your nephew in whatever he decides.

In terms of my answer, I’ve eaten in the house now of vaccinated friends with whom I only ate outside before but I have not been invited to any events.

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@filmfann Happy Birthday, have a lovely day!

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