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How is Fluther pronounced?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7433points) September 10th, 2008

is it fluther like flu shot…or fluther like flood storm?

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“Fluther” is pronounced /‘flʌ ðɚ/. It rhymes with “brother” and “mother”.

What’s a flood storm?!?

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haha not sure how I was trying to rhyme it, like flooooood, so they are kind of alike….right?

But now I get it…sadly my friend was right, I pronounced it like flu, like flu shot.

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Wow. I’ve been deceived for months.

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fluther, like “other” with FL in front of it. fluther: like a bird flapping its wet wings in desperation to get airborne.

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@ random – so you pronounced it as “floother” ? ;)

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like ‘mother’

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I can say.In area where I live no one know that word.FLUTHER.if I ask for fluther than my way of pronounced is flother flonder.

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