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Have you ever bought any jewelry on 24/7 shopping networks?

Asked by KNOWITALL (25126points) 1 week ago

On occasion while flipping through channels, I come across unattractive, zirconia jewelry that appears to be sold for thousands of dollars.
Then in five minutes, some car salesman type lowers the price, which is still high for junk.

Is this jewelry actual junk and this program a sales scam, or am I missing some valuable ‘facet’ of this jewelry that makes four payments of four hundred dollars each worth it?

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I have not.
But I worked with an elderly lady that had a TV in her office that stayed on that channel. She bought numerous items from that channel and as far as I could tell, they looked like very cheap jewelry that you would get at a bargain basement store. Even Walmart’s costume jewelry looked better. This lady had a minimum of 3 rings per finger and thumbs, numerous strands of necklaces and bracelets on both arms. Less really is more.
This was between 2012–2015. She retired so I didn’t know if that channel still existed.

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@chyna I have not either. I thought perhaps I was missing something, since most of them are coated in platinum supposedly?

It seems rather predatory in the verbiage they use on the description, but keywords like zirconia always are a red flag. It really chaps me to see seniors taken advantage of. Grrr….

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I have never bought anything from these home shopping tv shows. Not even the fabled “Shamwow”.

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@ragingloli haha, here Walgreens and Menards carry most of those. I’m not going to lie, I’ve bought a few, like the hanging strawberry basket for strawberries all year round. Didn’t work. haha!
Funny you heard about Shamwow even across the pond!

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I never actually watched that infomercial. I just learned of it through the memes.

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No, I haven’t, but a good friend at work does all the time. She has been happy with what she bought. I am no jewelry expert, but she’s no dummy either.

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@elbanditoroso Interesting. Some items are worth thousands on the show, so perhaps they have some good items, too.

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About a year ago, I happened to have one of those sales channels on, and they were selling a PC and related equipment. It was a combo – desktop PC, printer, bundled together. It was a name brand – I think HP.

I looked at the specs and opened my laptop to see how their pricing compared for what was being sold. Note: this was not a top of the line machine, but a ‘normal’, middle of the road specification computer, and a name brand – I think Epson or Canon – printer.

Pricing was not awful. Higher than Costco for the same basic machine, but cheaper than Best Buy. Higher than Micro Center’s house brand, but you expect that.

One advantage to the shopping channels was that you could split the cost into 4 or 6 payments with no interest.

The downside was shipping costs, which added around $25 to the price.

So .. I was surprised that their prices were in the right ballpark.

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