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Anybody with experience with the iphone 12 pro?

Asked by Caravanfan (9526points) 1 week ago

I have an old iphone 7 that I’ve been nursing along. Thinking about upgrade. Any real world experience as of yet? Particularly interested in camera.

(Please don’t tell me to get a Samsung—not interested).

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I’m curious too. Hanging onto an SE but looking to move up at some point.

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I don’t own one (I have the 11 Pro), but I have used one. To me the camera in the 11 Pro is great, but the 12 Pro camera is even better. Should note that the 12 Pro Max has a better camera than the regular 12 Pro.

Here is a good video that compares the cameras of the 12 Pro, 12, and 11 Pro.

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I don’t want a 12 pro max as it’s too big. I hear the camera is really good, which is why I’m interested. I’m interested to know if people have negative experiences like battery life, etc. I’m seeing negative reviews and before I plunk down a grand I want to make sure that it’s worthwhile.

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I watch a lot of smartphone review videos on YouTube, and read quite some online as well (because I always research my next phone months in advance; sometimes the moment I’ve decided which one it’s going to be, I have to start over because new ones have entered the market…).
From what I have seen and read, for a grand, or in other words, a flagship phone, of one of the major brands, any camera system is top notch.
They all have their specialities, or gimmicks, but picture and video quality is very, very good.
What I also get from those reviews is to steer clear from OnePlus flagship phones since they seem to not have their camera game on point (yet).
Their latest team-up with Hasselblad seems to only be in the color science technologie (not so much in lens or build).

So, if you are invested in the Apple system you can without doubt go for their latest iteration of their iPhone.

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@rebbel Thanks! Yes, I’m stuck with Apple as I have an ipad, icloud with pictures, ietc.

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Yeah, getting out of the Apple “ecosystem” is tough (been in it myself since 2009) but the few times I’ve tried Android all I wanted was to go back to the iPhone.

The only negative thing about the iPhone 12 when I used it were the metal sides which are fingerprint magnets, worse than any recent iPhone I’ve had or tested. Battery life I couldn’t fully evaluate but I’ve heard it’s the same as the 11 Pro which is better than the 7.

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@Demosthenes Well, I have a 7 now. So it’ll be better than that.
I just want to stay with Apple because my daughter and wife both have iphones and it makes it easier. My daughter is away at school and I follow her on “Find my friends”. She calls it the “stalking app”.

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LOL. That’s why we stick with Apple in my family—the stalking app and face time.

If you get the 12 please let us know if you are happy with it. I asked a Q not long ago about 11 vs 12, here it is, but not much help I am afraid.

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It’s new and expensive. I haven’t bought a phone in years; I’ve been using a work phone. So this is all new to me

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“Should” is one thing, “forced” is another matter.

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@stanleybmanly I do not understand your comment.

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There is no reason you “should”. That answer belongs to another question on this site. My apologies. Thank you for catching it.

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@stanleybmanly No worries! I just didn’t understand it in context. Now I understand why I didn’t understand!

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