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Do you think Trump in the afterlife would continue complaining that he got cheated in the 2020 election?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26250points) 1 month ago from iPhone

As asked.

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..Wow.. What an amazing thought! But, of course he the point that even Lucifer would tell him to…S T F U !

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Yes. He would be standing in the doorway so he could tell everybody as they came in.

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Maybe we can hope he gets there very soon – then he can tell us.

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No. He’d upgrade to: “People are saying I am still alive. See? My fund raising campaign is bringing in millions per day! ”

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One thing is certain. In this life you are never going to bump into anyone more openly in league with the devil than Donald J Trump. And if there is any justice at all, his supporters in this life will discover that although he is far too stupid to reign in hell, he is certainly held in the greatest esteem for exemplary service doing the devil’s work. Hell is the one place Trump will assuredly get the respect and admiration he so craves here.

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He’s not complaining about it now, so how could he ‘continue’?

(But a lot of other people are complaining about how this election was stilted).

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He’s still saying the election was stolen even in his speech this week.

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He’ll switch to complaining that he should have got into heaven. That the Recording Angel’s book is a fake and God isn’t doing his job properly. The archangels are all leftist communists. Then he’ll grow a pair of horns and attempt to force his way in through the pearly gates.

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No way to tell as you couldn’t hear him over the crackling of the flames and the screams of the damned.

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Speaking of “the afterlife” – my mind wandered to the “after-wife”.

Now that he’s no longer president and has shrunk in power, will Melania stay with him forever? Or is she the after-wife?

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He planted the seed of doubt prior to the actual election, and he hasn’t stopped crying about it ever since, so I see no reason why he’d stop in the afterlife.

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