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Is Patriotism the last refuge of a scoundrel?

Asked by filmfann (52202points) 1 month ago

Samual Johnson said it was back in 1775. Since then we have had many who feigned patriotism out of their desire for power, wealth, and self advancement.
7 years ago Trump did this. Recently he has employed “religious faith”, which I don’t believe for a moment. He now says he will protect the cross of Jesus. Keep in mind he used to ridicule Mike Pence, calling him Bible Boy, and other perceived belittlements.
So, is feigning religious faith actually the last refuge of a scoundrel?

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YES!!! In the late 70’s early 80s he bragged that he was an Atheist. He said he didn’t need God to take care of him because he was a self made man & achieved everything under his own power. That man has NEVER been in a church in his life. If he was to walk into one now, he’d burst into flames!!! The pics of him in church are ALL AI generated. Remember that this is the man who can’t properly pronounce the name of any book in the Bible. He can’t even hold it right side up. Won’t be long before he will be telling you which church you’re allowed to attend & the churches will be ranked according to which gives him the most money!!!

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It is very true in Trump’s case. The phrase could have been coined with him in mind.

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I think there’s a general saying that whenever people exclaim something too much, it becomes a red flag or suspicious behavior.

Basically people acting too hard to be something are usually the opposite.

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Ummm….are you asking about patriotism or religious faith. You asked for both.

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Why not both? It’s an appeal to ignorant tribalism either way.

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@smudges Trump was feigning patriotism (have you seen videos of him dry humping an American flag ?), and now pretends to be Christian. So is this a step up or down?

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Before Trump got elected in 2016, he didn’t realise quite how much he loved Jesus and America.

It was his experience as President, and the affection he received from many American citizens, that opened his eyes to significance of Jesus and the flag.

Trump’s experience was not unlike that of Paul on the road to Damascus. He once was blind, but now can see.

You godless liberals will never understand.

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@Kropotkin Not all liberals, even on Fluther, are godless but I understand your sarcasm.

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@filmfann I’m not debating whether or not it’s true; I believe you. I was just trying to clarify the question. Your title was different from your final question in the description. I guess I’m too literal. Sorry. :\

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