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What would an anti-choice person do, if they found out that they or their wife was carrying the Antichrist within?

Asked by ragingloli (51997points) April 12th, 2021

Would they make an exception to their anti-abortion stance?
Or would they stick to their professed conviction, and ensure that the Son of Satan is born?

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Shoot her!

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@ragingloli I would think that the parents would like the book of Revelation to play out normally. Killing the anti-Christ is just as bad as travelling back in time to prevent in Jesus’s crucifixion. Though Jesus would forgive you.

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Believe it or not @RedDeerGuy1 is probably right. They’d have it, no question.

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Carry to term. Then mini pitchforks and a mini cross?

Wait…that was for Jesus. I don’t know how Christians would dispose of the anti-Christ.

Whatever that is—but mini.

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Of course they’d bring the pregnancy to term. The brutal submission and torturous death of billions is all part of God’s plan!

According to the truly hardcore, at least.

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Everyone is talking about letting the birth happen and then killing the baby. But what if they chose to believe that everyone can be redeemed by God’s grace and try their best to convert the child to Christ? Wouldn’t that be truer to the Christian’s belief of spreading the good news and being kind to everyone?

Just a thought.

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Wing nut bible bangers have been nurturing Satan’s spawn for years.

Congress is full of them.

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@ragingloli The person should let you adopt that child. The Antichrist is no match for our Loli.

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