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Farting In Public?

Asked by Coolguy97 (110points) April 12th, 2021

I was waiting to get a high quality COVID test so I can as an Australian citizen move to Australia for the weather and work but also to be close to my mom. While I was in line for the test a big guy who must have been a foot taller than me I’m 5’4 btw and he blew a weird sounding fart that felt like a massive wall of stench. It smelt so disgusting I was feeling dizzy. I exclaimed “seriously” and physically jerked back. Though afterwards he said sorry ate something weird. I had to wait until I got to the door of the clinic to get a mask since I forgot mine at home. The guy and I both joked that we didn’t have masks.

I mean if I had a fart that bad I would be holding it in until I got home. So the question is do you ever fart in public if you feel the urge?

For those of who who’ll jump on me for forgetting my mask I was feeling a little tired since I was up late doing some work.

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I’m 43 years old. I can’t risk that a good fart would not be wet.

I hold it in till I’m at a wash room, if I can, but one farts when one must.

I wear two pairs of underwear just in case accidents happen.

Some one already patented a charcoal pad for the smell. Maybe if you are interested you could purchase a licensing agreement with the inventor and bring it to market?

You have a good story and a solid need for the product. You could use your story to pitch to investors.

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If you’re moving to Australia you should start practicing now ; )

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I think if you are needing to fart, you should at least have the common curtesy to hold it in.
Until you are in a crowded lift. Then you let it rip. Turn the thing into a veritable gas chamber. Let every one know that you did it. Make them understand, in no uncertain terms, that at this very moment, you hold absolute power over their lives.

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Trust loli to advocate for a gas chamber.

Not everyone is capable of holding gas until a convenient time.

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All the time. Some situations there is simply no alternative.

Although doing it while moving (as opposed to waiting in line) at least gives plausible deniability.

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It’s difficult to hold a large fart. And sometimes they get away from you without warning.

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The difficult part is not knowing with certainty the stench characteristics of a given fart. I have let very loud ones rip with no stink, while very subtle SBDs have been enough to knock people out.

My general guidance is to let go if I can do so anonymously; otherwise hold it in.

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I have never farted in public.

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I never thought I would say this, especially on Fluther: This is the worst question/details ever posted that I have read.

Flatulence is a common factor of owning a body. It is a byproduct of the digestive system. It isn’t pleasant. It can be smelly and possibly noisy…or worse. At some point in certain cultures, it became offensive to generate the smell or sound in public when others are nearby.

One can act like a child and humiliate the offender, or take the high road and ignore it for what it is: a bodily reaction that cannot be predicted how smelly or noisy it might be, much less when it will occur.

As a side note, a fair of the amount of detail provided is unimportant to support the question at hand.

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I’ve always seemed to have a flair for flatulence be more flatulent than most of my classmates or peers. In sixth grade I developed a technique to let them go silently, causing massive SBD’s, resulting in being the butt bearing the brunt of jokes, scorn, alienation. Despite the social cost, I could just not “hold it in”.

So I owned it. In high school one bright classmate started calling me “The Knife” because I was always “cutting the cheese”. I even had that nickname put in the yearbook.

I almost never hold it, and in public I usually use the silencing technique. If there is a noise, I excuse myself and feign embarrassment.

If I’m at home I always blame the dog.

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Farts don’t kill.
Not wearing a mask might.

Go to the pharmacy.
Buy a box of masks.
Keep them in your glove compartment.

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^^...and then feel free to blast away as necessary!~~

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