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Is it time to hit the panic button on covid ... again?

Asked by crazyguy (2992points) 3 weeks ago

First some numbers (with sources):

1. 7-day averages of new cases are on the rise in more than 13 states. At least 13 states have recorded at least a 10% rise in daily average positive cases of Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins data Friday—an improvement from 21 states on Thursday—but underscoring that the fight against the pandemic is far from over.


2. The nation-wide 7-day moving average of new cases has risen 8.1 from the previous week, but is still 28% of the peak recorded.


3. Over 200 million vaccine doses have been administered. 38% of the US population has received at least one dose, over 24% are fully vaccinated. See

4. Of all emergency room visits, less than 2% are related to covid. To put this number in perspective, the peak was 7.4%. See

5. Vaccine efficacy is turning out to be even better than the 94–95% predicted from the Phase 3 trials. It is currently running at 99.9992%! See

(oops: A right-wing link!)

So, what do you think? Should we be hitting the panic button yet again?

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I never hit the panic button and I was in the thick of it. We know what to do—it just needs to be done.

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Nah, just follow the advice of Ivan Drago.
Just do nothing. Open everything. Rescind all restrictions. Ban mask wearing. Refuse vaccinations because of 5G mark of the beast chips.
If they die, they die.
You know you want it.

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I didn’t see a reason to panic the first time around and felt many of the efforts taken were useless at best and potentially hazardous at worst.
But here’s an interesting thing I have noticed. I predicted that if Biden won the election the leftist news outlets would stop blasting daily updates of the number of cases and screaming for the president to do something. The fear mongering would tail off. It’s amazing how accurate that prediction was, isn’t it?

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^Wow, you must be Nostradamus! Do you have the winning power ball numbers you could share? ~

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@seawulf575 I seem to remember other of your predictions regarding the severity and extent of this pandemic, which unsurprisingly concurred with those of the then idiot President, who bungled us into the lead in the casket race. And as for this latest of the 3 month predictions that pop up every day since January of 2020, believe whatever you choose. I personally have a blown up poster of Herman Cain sitting unmasked in the stands at Trump’s first campaign death rally to remind me of the accuracy of conservative sagacity.

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600,000 dead “right around the corner” in the US and 400,000 didn’t need to die.

Long live Tangerine make-up and bad comb overs ! “It is what it is !”

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Nope. The spring breakers are home, most stores still require masks, and it’s getting warmer north of I10. People continue to get vaccinated, although it has slowed down. The states that are spiking, most people become more cautious on their own now, they know what to do. Although, vaccinated people are throwing a lot of caution to the wind feeling safe, so let’s hope the vaccines are working well. We already know about 5800 breakthrough cases.

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There’s no need to panic. What is needed is the recognition that EVERY TIME one of you knuckleheads tells us its time to return to business as usual, those silly enough to believe you are rewarded with a flare up in infection. And here’s an idea for you slow thinkers who believe the die down in press urgency regarding the disease proof of leftist bias: That die down has nothing to do with cutting Biden a break. It is simply that by NOW we are accustomed to bad news regarding this disease. A surge is no longer BIG news. The same can be said for the stupidity of those who even now wag their foolish tongues insisting we take this disease for granted. Bad advice from dummies is sadly no longer newsworthy.

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Panic? No. Potentially recognize that this shit is never going away and we have to adapt to it in some other way than more “lockdowns” (including maybe yearly vaccines, like with the flu), yes.

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@JLeslie As I recall, the spring breakers were from many different states, not just the hard hit ones. For instance, have you seen that Michigan is close to its all-time high in new cases?

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@crazyguy I saw a lot of up and down in the last week of case reporting from Michigan. That huge spike looks to me to be partly a data dump and partly the reality that this virus likes to move exponentially.

I just watched The Governor of Michigan on Meet The Press (I record it) and she said the same thing I did and more. She not only mentioned Spring Break in Florida and snowbirds coming home (snowbird is someone who spends the winter in Florida) but also mentioned Florida and Michigan are the top two states for one of the variants. That last part I didn’t know, but further reinforces that travel without precautions is probably the biggest problem.

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@JLeslie As usual, you are trying to make a post with zero research (which, by the way, is so easy now).

Michigan’s case increase is not caused by a data dump, which would be a single occurrence. What we see in Michigan is a gradual rise – see,9753,7-406-98163_98173---,00.html

Gov Gretchen Whitmer did not shut down the economy to CDC’s considerable discomfort – see

There is no problem with Michigan’s vaccination rates. Michigan has received almost 79,000 vaccine doses per 100,000 residents as of April 18 am. Michigan has administered just under 62.000 per 100,000 residents. Percentage administered /delivered is comparable to California and the US as a whole. See

Michigan is not even close to Florida in terms of Covid cases. Michigan’s 7-day moving average of cases per 100K population are more than double Florida’s. See

So, as usual, Whitmer is pulling wool over the eyes of people like you.

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@crazyguy I know the trend for cases is up in MI, but there were some huge daily spikes. That’s all I’m referring to. I look at Florida all the time and we have a constant pattern of lower reporting on the weekend, because fewer people are working in the labs and fewer people recording the data (my Governor has confirmed this also) and anyway the reporting can be low one day and high another based somewhat on manpower for processing.

I said PARTLY to blame on travel and partly the exponential nature of the viral spread.

My opinion was based on what I see and experience here where I live. Here is our Blueberry Fest, but where I live the music, crowds, and dancing is the same EVERY DAY. In fact more crowded when the band is very popular. This was during Easter week, the week, beginning with Easter. I provide this link, because a normal day isn’t on YouTube, but the festival was. We don’t usually have people on stilts on a normal night.

Then I saw Whitmer say the variants are very high in MI and FL, so I think that lends to supporting my feeling, but not necessarily. Michigan has been good at contact tracing though, a friend of mine works with the health department in the UP. She didn’t know though how much of the spread accounts for traveling to Florida, and she said they did have a person identified with the variant who had flown directly from the U.K. and did not quarantine a while back. Basically, it’s everything at once. Probably.

For some reason your links aren’t opening for me, I can try again later. I did come across this link from the CDC showing both FL and MI high in the variant.

Edit: my friend in MI did say she knows of children going to school sick (unsure at the time if it’s COVID) and siblings going to school when a sib has known covid, and everyone in the household should be quarantining.

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@JLeslie I just tried all 4 of my links on my Mac. They all opened. So I am not sure why they don’t open for you.

The fact is, that after a year and a quarter of Covid science, we still cannot explain what is going on in Michigan. The left’s mantra: Follow the science is laughable!

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@crazyguy You can’t be serious. I get sick, I go spend an hour with you at lunch and you get sick. No mystery.

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@JLeslie I would love to spend an hour with you, and we can have lunch if you insist! However, I am not sure how your post answers mine.

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