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When was the last time you used a pair of tweezers?

Asked by flutherother (30828points) 2 weeks ago

I bought tweezers some time ago for removing ticks but have never had to use them for that. Yesterday, however they came in handy for freeing a jammed zip. How about you?

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Probably about 5 years ago when removing ticks from my dog.

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About a week ago, to remove a thorn from my dog’s paw.

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Yesterday, pulling a splinter.

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Of course, mostly for eyebrow shaping.

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Last weekend to hold a very tiny screw that I was trying not to drop while installing a hard drive.

Tweezers on myself? 50 years.

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Last weekend. I had a 1 inch chin hair that none of my friends told me about.

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@flutherother Same as NOWITALL Shaping eyebrows and “stray eyebrows.

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2 days ago for a splinter. I have tweezers all over the place and use them constantly. Ticks are a huge problem here, and we spend a lot of time in the woods.

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About a week ago to get a tiny shard of glass out of my foot. It was from a glass that got dropped and broken weeks ago. Guess I missed that piece when I vacuumed up the debris.

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I’m at the age when I occasionally sprout a course, ugly chin hair. Said hairs get plucked immediately.

I also use tweezers to clear jams in my paper shredder. My work requires me to shred copious amounts of sensitive documents.

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Ticks are a regular thing here, thanks climate change, so I’ve got specialized tick pullers instead. However I have no great solutions for dangly nose hairs, tweezers to the rescue!

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My wife uses them almost every day to pluck little hair from different parts of her face.

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