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Are you hearing about a lot of people catching colds?

Asked by JLeslie (61211points) 3 months ago from iPhone

People are getting together again, people aren’t worrying about surfaces anymore, people probably aren’t washing their hands as much, people are hugging again. I personally know 3 people who have a cold (one got tested for covid just to make sure) 2 are in Florida, one in NJ.

I figure it’s going around. Getting back to the typical change of season when everyone starts congregating together again.

It was nice having less illness (aside from covid19) for a while. I heard the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture cold and flu medicine were complaining about low sales last year.

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No, can’t say I do.
Also, I think this whole “cold craze” is a massive hoax, set up by Kleenex and Co.
Don’t be a sheeple, don’t sneezle!
(Makes me furious; all these fake sneezers…)


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Not yet, but we are still in partial lockdown. The Covid restrictions have reduced the spread of colds and flu and I know of only one person who has taken ill over the past year and she came down with Covid 19, but has made a complete recovery.

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New York still has mask requirements and is in partial lock down. I cannot recall anyone catching a cold this whole year.
I must confess… I will miss the hand washing and surface cleaning when we open up fully.

—I am not OCD. I am not OCD. I am not OCD.—-

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No, and Georgia has been one of the more open states for a while.

I am suffering from pollen/hay fever this year – much worse that last year or the year before. My eyes in particular have been itching and watering. Not a cold, but about as much fun.

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^Same with me. I want to dig my eyes out!

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Huge pollen year here in Florida too! It’s been going on for almost two months now. Lots of sneezing, runny noses, and itchy eyes around.

These three people are not because of allergies, they have a cold.

@LuckyGuy No one I know had a cold for a year also, until the past two weeks. Some people must have had something though. There was only a 5–25% positivity rate for covid19 tests. Some people had no symptoms when tested, but a lot of people were sick with something.

Edit: I did know people who had covid during the year. Just no one who had a cold for a good year now.

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