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What would it be like if you had to get a license to be an adult?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18623points) 1 week ago

Also retake high school diploma exam recertification every 5 years? Or lose it?

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You can’t propose something like this without stating what the license would be for. What happens if you don’t get the license, you have to live in a group home?

I graduated high school almost fifty years ago. I could pass a high school recertification without even studying. High School was not very hard, most people could pass a recertification without any problem.

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@zenvelo I don’t know. Good point. Just in social for fun. Maybe to do things that are restricted to adults only? Like rent a car or apartment? Drink and smoke? Maybe to get married, and have children? Also to get a driver’s license?

Feel free to add, and drop anything that you want.

I took some high school diploma exams in English, four years ago, and I failed horribly. I am lucky that they keep the highest score.

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I’d be in jail.

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that would mean every adult would be in jail that can’t afford a license to be a adult.

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Then it would really suck to be a parent because if they didn’t pass, you would be stuck with them forever. Some people would just keep on not growing up and instead letting themselves be taken care of. They think they’re entitled to a free ride.

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I’d probably be a more well rounded adult. Probably wouldn’t like it much, but I’m sure I’d benefit overall.

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Maybe till the age of 27 such license can be an idea. However, you can only measure theoretical knowledge. Like social skills, communication and basic legal matters, not to mention houshold knowledge, administration and common sense.

27 is just a fixed year. It can give some leverage to stimulate young people to learn and do the right things. But after that, people should have the freedom to make their own choices and mistakes. But stimulating better parenting and education may be more effective.

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