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How do we get my daughter's (they/them) new computer to stop thinking they are French when using MS Word?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33521points) 1 month ago

Their 5-year-old PC had many issues. Since they’re an unemployed new college graduate, I bit the bullet and bought them a new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go. I got it from Amazon. It is new, but the box was damaged while the computer was untouched, so I got a good discount.

They have been using it without a hitch for 4 or 5 days. Today, it began to spell check in French. Then it began to give them incorrect punctuation marks when typing.

First, we checked the language in the Office Word app. It was English (US). French and Spanish versions of the Office app were also found in the machine. They deleted those.

Next, we checked the language under the computer’s Settings. It was set only to English (US). French and Spanish weren’t even listed. They also checked the Keyboard Setting under Language Settings. It was set to English (US).

Finally, we deleted the whole Office app and reinstalled it. It still thought they were French.

What else can we do?

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I’ve not encountered this problem myself and apologies if you have already tried this but there are some suggestions given here

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Thank you, both. Those are very helpful and led me to some other possibly helpful things to try.

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There is no number you can call for 24/7 support?

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