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Did Elvis Presley die on the head?

Asked by TJFKAJ (415points) 2 months ago from iPhone

I was watching a documentary and they sort of implied this.
If true…
Not good!

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As I remember, he did. He was taking opioids which makes a person constipated. He had other health issues and was on the toilet “straining at the stool”. I can’t remember if it affected his heart or what the actual cause was. His girlfriend found him hours later.
My ex husband was a huge fan of Elvis is why I know this trivia.

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Yeah,that’s the shits.

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Well he was the “king”, he had to be on the throne.

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I think so.

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Yes he did. We recently had a friend who passed the same way, hearattack, and we joked he’d have been tickled to pull an Elvis.

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What a shit way to go.

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It would be accurate to say that he passed while passing.

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My great grandfather died that way. Everybody was doing their chores out on the family farm when someone noticed that Gramps hadn’t been seen in a while. They looked high and low, but no sign of him. Finally someone thought to look in the outhouse, and there he was.

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Fun fact:
Constipation increases with age and often coexists with cardiovascular risk factors. In addition, strain at stool causes blood pressure rise, which can trigger cardiovascular events such as congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, acute coronary disease, and aortic dissection.
It is probable that the true incidence of extra-cardiac lesions as the cause of CA that occurs when an individual is actually sitting on the toilet might be higher than the current figure of 23 %.

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When you think about it, it probably happens more often than you might suppose. The odds are that most of us will die doing something “routine”.

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@stanleybmanly Yes! The articles also said more people die in the bathroom because when you’re choking, sick or just not feeling well, you usually head that way. Go figure!

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I watched a show about Elvis’ autopsy (series on Reelz channel) and they determined that because of the large amounts of sedatives that Elvis was taking, he was constipated with such a large amoun of feces that he may have required surgery to pass it. He woke up in the middle of the night, unbeknownst to his girlfriend, and was pushing and pushing to go to the bathroom, then got up and took a step and dropped in the bathroom. The girlfriend didn’t know until she woke up in the early morning and found him on the bathroom floor, dead.

I later found out from working with nurses at my job that another remedy for really bad constipation is they put a G-tube down your nose and suck the shit out the tube through your nose. How gross is that? I guess if you’re old and frail, it’s better than surgery but it seems terribly disgusting.

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