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What is the best network storage for Apple computers in the house full of Apple computers?

Asked by Jaybee (220points) September 11th, 2008

What is the best network storage for Apple computers in the house?
And what is the best storage to have connected to your Apple computer in order to keep the main computer memory usage at a minimum?

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By “memory” you mean hard drive space, not RAM, right?

I use (and love) a Western Digital MyBook 1TB drive. It’s dedicated for use as a Time Machine backup, but one could use it for anything.

Easiest would probably be Apple’s Time Capsule drive – it’s fully networkable (wireless) and also serves as a network extender – you can plus printers into it, non-wireless computers can connect via its router ports, etc.

Pricey, but nicey.

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I bought a time capsule but I think it was meant for Apple computers running Panther. All our computers run on Tiger. I haven’t returned the Time capsule. I figured one day I’ll use it.
Am I suppose to attach the Time Capsule directly to my computer? My wireless is set up on the other side of the house using Apple Extreme. I understand that TC is also a wireless.
(Would the Western Digital My Book World edition II 1 TB Ethernet Storage System be a good purchase?)

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@Jaybee, of probable equal import would be the speed of your wi-fi network.

The Time Capsule is both a server-grade hard drive (either 500GB or 1TB) as well as an 802.11n router.

The n part is important as it gives you significant speed and bandwidth compared to the g spec. And don’t even think about trying your networked disk over b or a… not unless it’s for really small stuff.

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@jaybee: The time capsule is not meant solely for panther. I have it automatically back up all the macs in my household, all of them running leopard. I heart it.

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@jaybee: Are you sure you don’t mean Leopard? Panther is Max OS X 10.3 and came out years ago. I’m pretty sure you need to have Leopard (for Time Machine) to use Time Capsule properly.

Also consider that wireless networks are far slower than wired solutions, if you have the money/infrastructure to put in a wired ethernet network, using a networked hard-drive will be faster and more efficient.

If you don’t want to do that (its not practical for consumer-level household networks unless you’re building or renovating when you want to put it in) then Time Capsule is an elegant solution!

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Well, Time Capsule is my only advice for you!

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