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Is there a way to forward questions to someone in your fluther if you don't have their email address?

Asked by Judi (39828points) September 11th, 2008

I tried to look up this question but I didn’t get any hits.

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< < PM’d Judi with a link to this question.

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You can just leave them a comment with the Q link. Though I am guessing you already thought of that?

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I guess I don’t understand q link, but I guess I could have copied the address bar and sent a link that way. Sometimes I seem pretty smart then something comes along and makes me feel pretty stupid! ;-)

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Aww. :) If it helps, here’s some insider info: the Fluther team are working on a way for people to easily recommend questions to other people on Fluther. I’m guessing it’ll be a pretty big hit.

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This question has some suggestions too. (I’m not posting this to show you that the question has already been asked, I’m posting it to be helpful :0) )

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