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Would anyone pose nude, or have they?

Asked by Gil3972 (7points) 1 month ago

I’ve done some nude modeling, I’m also in a wheelchair, and it’s been difficult to find people

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I haven’t & wouldn’t, only because my todger has a mind of its it’s own & well…you know :)

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To find people for what?

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In the late seventies when I was in College ( yeah I’m old) I posed nude for a few art classes in North Hollywood and Los Feliz. Back then, the first thing you did were a few minutes of dynamic poses. The class then picked the pose they liked and you posed that way for approximately 20 to 25 minutes. The pay was pretty good for maybe 30 minutes of work.

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I haven’t (except for a former girlfriend and she for me) – the opportunity hasn’t ever come up. And who wants pictures nowadays of bald 60+ year old men?

If I had been asked in my 20s-30s, I probably would have. But who can say for sure…

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Nobody wants to see that.

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@lastexit yeah, me too! The pay wasn’t great, and a small school in New England didn’t have the funds to keep the studio from being really cold in the winter, but some pay was better than none.

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No, but I do reverse stripping. You start out naked and people scream at you to put your clothes on.

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@canidmajor The pay was pretty good for me because the classes I posed for were private and in well-to-do artsy areas.

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I have and would again, but it’s more fun when your body is young and perfect. Nudity is underrated. :D

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Not at my age…

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No, but I once did a strip tease for money. There were extenuating circumstances, but I did make 60 bucks.

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There has to be a great story there, @Caravanfan

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I haven’t.

I believe most people look better with their clothes on. Not saying I’m one of them, but….

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