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What was something you were unhappy about, but decided to accept?

Asked by raum (8949points) 1 month ago from iPhone
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Being short. I can’t reach anything.

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Not ever getting married/finding the love of my life.

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Not being popular.

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The U.S. healthcare “system,” a disgraceful travesty. I live here, so I have so choice but to accept the status quo and pay-up.

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Happened a few years ago, when my daughter and her husband of 20 years got a divorce. So when I called her to find out what the hell was going on, she told me that she had grown out of her husband, and had been having an off again on again thing with some jerk she met online. My wife, her mom, told me we needed to butt out of it. As luck and any gods who may or may not exist would have it, she went back to her ex, and now they have plans to let bygones be bygones and get remarried soon. Still in the planning stages as of now, but they are all lovey dovey again. Divorce has just never been a thing in my clan, either with myself, or my parents, or with both sets of my grand parents. Ditto with my wife and her family. So I wasn’t a happy camper, but I let it go and stayed out of it. That said, I’m happy they got back together.

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