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If you had unlimited resourses and could walk away from your entire life starting completely over, would you?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) March 12th, 2009
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Hmm could I also have things come with me ? If so then yes, Other wise no…leaving to much behind…

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No – not without my kids and my Heart. All the money in the world would Not make up for them.

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No, I would never leave my child and husband. If they could come with me..then yes.

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nope, i wouldnt

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Only if I could take my boys and my man with me. Oh and my sister and her family. So I guess the answer is no.

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No. I don’t have a husband and children, but I can think of at least three very good friends (one who is as a sister to me) that it would hurt to never see again.

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I’m at a point in my life where I really wouldn’t want to start over because I’m very happy with the way things are now. I could do it but I’ve got over 20 years invested in my career and I wouldn’t want to start from scratch on anything else at this point.

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No, I love my wife and my kids. This ties back to the ‘Would you do anything different?’ question. No. Same reasons.
What’s with the ‘vacation’ tag? Does that tie in to the ‘Asparagus’ tag?

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Only if I could take people with me. Kids, husband, best friend.

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No, but only because there are a very small few that I would want to take with me. If they had never been in my life at all, I wouldn’t even hesitate to start completely over.

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There have been times when I was one step from walking out the front door and walking away.

But for the most part I am with @augustlan – I would have to be able to take some people with.

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Absolutely not. I’ve worked hard for what I have and where I am. Until I make the world a better place for me having been alive, my job isn’t done.

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Yes, without a second thought or a glance back. I’ve tried, but had extremely limited resources and couldn’t do it. So now I’m working on getting back on my feet so I can give it another try.

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I did that last August. Let someone else have a go.

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I would have no problem picking up, moving, and starting a whole new life as long as I could take my kids and dogs and still visit my family once in awhile. Ok I would have to be able to see my family a lot.

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same as @mjchatter

now if they could come i’d be gone in a heartbeat

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Sadly, yes. I have recently started trying to reinvent my life and, although I would miss those I have met on my journey, having unlimited resources would just be too tempting.

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My husband and I have talked about doing this for some time now. We would love to buy a little piece of land on the south shore of Lake Superior and just start over.

living paycheck to paycheck makes that dream a bit difficult

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No. I like my boyfriend. If he could come with…. probably.

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No way. It’s taken me a long time to get where I am. We’re here in my renovated childhood home & our family is all together. This is where I stay.

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You caught me just a few years after I would’ve said ,“absolutely.” But now, I have a fun little family.

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So long as my wife and daughter can come with me – in a flippin’ heartbeat.
Stresa Italy here I come. (Northern Italy, right on the Swiss border).

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I wouldn’t start over, but I would be doing different things.

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Leave Children, grand children, family, friends? NO WAY!

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Yup! I wouldn’t give it a second thought!!!

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No way. Leave my family – start fresh? No. I’ll keep the good, bad and ugly memories, it’s all part of life.

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that’s a toughie. I’ll get back to you on that.

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woah…this is way too scary… I’d like to think i could….
hmmm…maybe i can…(although i would have to take my son)

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I wouldn’t simply because everything happens for a reason.


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i might, but still hold on to my old life.
live two lives, reinvent myself, like hat guy from “Catch Me If You Can”. that would be fun.
but i REALLY want to have like a pair of identical twins, both boys. i would be super-rich myself, and one child i would raise with all the money and the other i would give to an adoption shelter, so he would start out with nothing. i’d be keeping track of the other kid though, secretly, to see how he’s doing. it’d be cool just see how each one developed.

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yeah, I could do it, but I’d have to take my wife and my dog. Not sure where we would go, but with unlimited resources, I’m sure I could find somewhere I’d like.

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Are you talking about starting life completly over, conciousness, ego, memories, and experiences intact? Or wiping the slate clean?

In the former scenario, hell yes. I’d be great to start from scratch with everything I’ve learned underneath my belt.

In the latter, no I wouldn’t. I believe we’ve got one shot, and being a different person would totally suck. I like me and mind too much.

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No, I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I’ve learned SO much, even from my mistakes, and I would never want to erase all my memories, experiences and start all over. But I guess, like @cyrusbond says, if you mean starting from scratch with everything you’ve learned still intact, then yes, maybe I would.

But failure, pain and difficult times are also part of life and I think it makes us value the good things about life more, so I wouldnt want to erase the bad parts of my life either.

But then there is a lot of episodes I wish I could rewind and do again (do it “right”), but then I wouldnt have learned what I have learned so… hmm.

No, I am happy with myself and my life, I wouldnt want to walk away and start all over.
You’d have to start from scratch again, and I cant be bothered with that.


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