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Does anyone else turn off their air conditioner or heater in their car if they are lost or looking for a specific address or place?

Asked by chyna (46505points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I do that. But why? I’m sure it doesn’t help me, but obviously I feel like it does because I do it every time. Do you do this?

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Oh yes, I do that. And not only that, but the first thing I turn off is the music – radio or cd player, etc. I do believe it helps me focus. It’s one (or two or three) less thing/s that interferes with my attention and thought processes.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one. My sister doesn’t even lower the volume of the music, so I’ve felt sort of mentally challenged that I do it; like there was something wrong with me.

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No but 35 years ago we were outside Atlanta at night. I was trying to get on a road going south. Drove down a residential street that had a big cul-de-sac, parked in the middle and got out stood up and looked at the stars in the sky, found Orion’s Belt then turned around and found Polaris (North Star) got back in car and drove South for two miles until i connected with a state road and went to our friend’s house half an hour a way. My wife still talks about me finding the North Star that night.

Oh I had the radio on the whole time.

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I assume you mean to turn off the fan??

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I turn off the radio when I’m in a stressful driving situation.

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I’ll turn down or turn off the radio, but not the heater/air conditioner.

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I will turn off the music, but not the AC or heat.

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I do what @SQUEEKY2 does. Music off but not the AC or heat.

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I just get lost/choose the wrong direction.

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YES! I turn the fan down. I also turn off the radio.

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I turn any noise down, but my air is not usually running full blast and noisy, so I don’t think I have ever turned down the air, or if I have it is very rare. I do turn down the music, or get off the phone or stop a conversation.

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I agree. Anything that makes noise but it is usually the radio that makes the most noise. My AC or heat don’t really make noise unless they are just coming on and that’s mainly the AC.

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Yes. A/C and the radio. It helps me focus.

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I do what @janbb does. I need silence when stressed but heating and cooling don’t bother me.

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If there’s noise, or other obvious sensory input, I turn stuff down. I get lost really easily so the whole thing is a big stressor.

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I do so I can focus completely. I sometimes turn the car off too. Wait, no, that doesnt get me there.

Seriously I never realized I did this myself. I’ll try not to next time to see if it makes a difference.

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Please let us know. It is of utmost importance. :-)

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