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When cats are washing themselves, are they "doing the laundry", or "taking a bath/shower"?

Asked by rebbel (35524points) June 19th, 2021

As asked.

Shower me with your thoughts on the matter.

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7 Answers

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Yes for both.

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Neither. By essentially aligning the hairs in the most aerodynamic way possible, they are preparing themselves for efficient feline ninja tactics which will help with the plans for world domination.

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Taking a (spit) bath.

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They’re taking a bath and using their spiky little pink tongues to rid their fur of dust, mites, excess hairs, etc.

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Making themselves even more perfect than they already were.

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Whatever they are doing, it is not a very good job. It’s mostly superficial just for show. The real dirt is down deep close to and on the skin.

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