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Inspired by the recent death of "daredevil" Alex Harvill, what kinds of deaths bother you the least?

Asked by ragingloli (48741points) 1 month ago

For example some one dying during a bungee jump, during parachuting, or a cop being killed during a no-knock-raid.

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All deaths bother me to some extent, but it’s a part of reality. I suppose a person who dies peacefully at home, in their own bed, at an advanced age and with all of their senses, and feeling no pain, would bother me the least. It’s how both of my parents passed, and how I hope to pass. I have no intention of jumping off of a cliff, trusting in a damn rubber band. Hell to the noooo.

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Someone who ignores safety warnings and does something stupid and dangerous, especially the people who die trying to take a selfie in a place and manner they are not supposed to.

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People who die when they are past the average age of death.

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Anyone who dies after saying: “Here. Hold my beer!”

And I am starting to become less sympathetic to the deaths of anti-vax Covid deniers.

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Anyone considered for a Darwin award.

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Poachers of endangered species, and people responsible for man-made environmental damage.

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@filmfann and @LuckyGuy said most of what I wanted to.

Perhaps I am being overly critical, but I don’t care a whole lot about people who are addicted to heroin, fentanyl, and other clearly dangerous drugs. And to a lesser degree, alcohol.

Yes, I understand the mechanics of addiction and how it take away ones control. I also understand that there are agencies, approaches and mechanisms to break addictions. Someone who opts not to even try to break an addiction is doing it voluntarily. I don’t have great sympathy for the person.

(for the parents, siblings and friends, yes. But for the addict that doesn’t want to change, no.)

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The ducks from Nintendo Entertainment System Duck Hunt

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Abortions and infant deaths. Like, so what? They barely lived anyway, and it’s not like we really need more of us.

Deaths of arseholes.

Deaths of people who ignored or dismissed warnings, like Covid conspiracists dying of Covid.

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I think most deaths bother me at least a little, even the ones of people who do insanely stupid things, like the guy sucking gas out of someone’s car while smoking. [Stupid just is. It’s like, “Oh yeah? Well I may be fat, but you’re stupid, and I can lose weight.”]

But the deaths that bother me the least, even not at all, are those of the people who no longer, imo, have the right to be on the earth. They’ve forfeited their right to life by being so horrendous as to deserve to die – the planet destroyers, serial killers, genocide orchestrators, animal torturers, etc.

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People who did bad things, get caught and off themselves. It’s still a loss of life but if they truly wanted to avoid being caged for life, I get it.

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