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How high up would your flat have to be, in order for you to be comfortable keeping your windows open at night?

Asked by ragingloli (51959points) June 20th, 2021

And not have that paranoid thought in the back of your mind of some nefarious miscreant climbing through your window, stabbing you in the neck while you sleep, then taking off with your prized rubber duck collection.

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My neighborhood is so safe, I keep my windows open at night whenever I want. I have no rubber ducky’s at all, not even one.

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My windows are on the second floor so I’m comfortable keeping them open.

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Two Lab-German Shepard cross dogs with a combined weight of 190 pounds . . . !

Oh we have A/C !

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They already got my rubber duck collection, so I’m good on that front.

It would depend on whether the neighborhood regular features monkeys or parkour people or not.

It only ever happened to me once, when I was in a hotel one level below street level, in London. I scared him off before he made it far, but he stole a knife.

I tend to feel comfortable anyway, as long as some climbing is required to get in.

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4th floor.

A friend of a woman who worked for me was raped in her second floor apartment because the bad guy came in through her sliding glass door that was ajar.

3rd floor is probably high enough, but 4th I feel really ok. I have lived on a 3rd floor more than once and felt very safe with the windows open, but usually I close everything at night anyway.

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Lord. I’d have to see the flat. 3rd floor is for sure good. 1st or second not so good.

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On whatever level the dance floor is located! ;-P

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Less about the floors and more about how scaleable the building is.

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First floor. I live in a very quiet neighborhood. The windows and doors are open if the outdoor temperature is below the indoor. They are closed tight when the pine trees start spreading pollen.

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I keep my window open every night and I live on the first floor. I’d do the same if I was on the ground floor.

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Sometimes the ground floor is the first floor and sometimes not. My bet is most people answering think of ground synonymous with first. Probably that needs to be clarified. My first floor was the ground floor.

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Our bedroom is on the “first stage” (French 2nd floor) and we kept our window open last night. Criminals have to navigate flood lights and alarms and deal with deadly force in order to stab me in the neck.

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Ground. We have neighbors who dont lock their doors at all here still.

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I keep my front door and bedroom window open on hot nights because I can hear the ocean waves crashing. I have lived in cities I would not do that, but I’ve given up the noise and hub bub of city life for bird song and ocean views off my back terrace.

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New vacation destination at @sorry’s!

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Second floor so long as the neighborhood is relatively safe and there’s no fire escapes.

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@chyna Pick your week carefully, as summer is short and fickle and bring what ever bug spray you think will keep the little black flies off. I have yet to find one, but am used to the bites and keep a strong hydrocortisone cream handy. The ocean I hear crashing does not lend itself to a leisurely swim. I do not live in the Tropics or the Mediterranean and can think of many other places to vacation (and do, when there is not a pandemic on). ;) If you really want a vacation destination, I’ll meet you on Malta, the Azores…or even Grand Canaria. Now, if I could only convince my board to pay me while living in the tropics, I wouldn’t be here with the short summer and black flies, but alas, lectures, students and laboratory work require hands on and face to face. sigh.

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Years ago in a high story apartment building in the center of a major city we discovered its
best to live above the fifth floor to drown out the sounds of traffic, bar crowds, and unwanted car alarms going off in the night.

On the 28th floor it was peaceful , tranquil and disruptions.

Here in the Country Town 2am bar crowd boisterous noise can be heard after 2AM closing .

I keep a fan on every night to drown out my neighbors late night TV watching and visitor’s partying until 5Am.
The best time for me to open my windows for fresh air is early in the mornings when its cooler and NO one is up yet.( I am a early bird anyways).

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I would think the ground floor since heat rises.

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