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If I have side by side front loads can I put the dryer on top of the washer?

Asked by JLeslie (61198points) 1 month ago

I know I need to buy a kit to attach the dryer to the washer if I don’t have a shelf to put the dryer on, but my real question is the dryer vent connection, can I just buy an extended tube (I don’t know the correct word) and that will take care of it?

Bonus Q: If it is a gas dryer is it safe to vent into the apartment in the winter?

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– no – too much humidity would be released into the apartment. And even if the lint trap is perfectly onderful, you’re going to get little particles released as well.

Question: If these are full size, how are you going to reach the controls on the machine on top?

I used to have a stacked set, but they were built for stacking and the controls were reachable.

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@elbanditoroso Some front load washer and dryers have a kit you can buy that secures the dryer on top of the washer so you can use the appliances either way. I found this video. You can kind of fast forward through it if you don’t want to watch all the way through. Some kits are simpler than this one.

Bonus: I thought the humidity might help in the winter in a cold climate where the heat is on constantly. I wouldn’t do it in Florida where we use the heat sporadically, I should have said that. Although, maybe you think it is too much moisture no matter what. I thought about the lint too, like I would have to catch the lint on the end of the pipe. I likely will not bother to do this anyway, but I liked the idea.

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No. Unless you build a wooden platform to place it on, a platform that supports the whole weight.

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@kritiper Weight isn’t an issue. Not in this case anyway. Dryers aren’t very heavy anyway.

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@JLeslie But if washers aren’t made so the drier can sit on top…
And let us not forget that the washer will move/vibrate underneath, which can’t be good…
Plus the control panel might get in the way…

Do you think I throw my suggestions out here without giving any thought to the situation???

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@kritiper The manufacturer makes them so they can be stacked. You just buy the stack kit to secure the two units together. I thought you meant the weight on the floor maybe. Regarding the machine it’s not an issue. I linked a video above.

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@JLeslie Yes. IF the manufacturer makes them so they can be stacked. But you didn’t specify that in the question.

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Actually, I did.

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Where? Spell it out, please.
You mentioned some kind of a shelf, but you didn’t specify that the units in question were stackable by themselves.

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And, no, you cannot vent to drier into the apartment. It needs to be vented to the outside or you could asphyxiate yourself.

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@kritiper I spelled out my real concern is can I just lengthen the dryer tube.

Here’s in part what I wrote: I know I need to buy a kit to attach the dryer to the washer if I don’t have a shelf to put the dryer on, but my real question is the dryer vent connection…

True I didn’t specify that the washer and dryer need to be made to be stackable, but I did say I know I need to buy a kit, so that implies I know there are special kits for this sort of thing and you can’t just pop any old dryer on top of whatever washer. The kits are made specifically by the manufacturers.

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This is the 4 inch aluminum vent pipe I used for my entire dryer vent run. It doesn’t trap lint.

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