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Do you think that pandemic restrictions have left us estranged us from the environment, or made us appreciate nature more deeply?

Asked by JLoon (6081points) June 27th, 2021

Asking because I’m really trying to avoid yard work.

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Weed the garden already!

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@chyna – They’re not weeds!!

They’re native plants reclaiming their habitat. Who am I to upset the wheel of life? ;)

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I’ll take your question seriously.
In my case, since I was pretty much stuck at home last year, I did appreciate by trees, bushes, greenery, etc., much more. Mostly because that’s what I had.

I live on a lot with a lot of trees, and it was (and still is) soothing to see leaves waving on the trees.

As for the weeds and natural habitat – toe really claim back their natural habitat is a multi-year process because you need to let the stronger plants push out the weaker ones. It isn’t a one-lazy-summer type of thing.

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Get out there and break a sweat, get close to nature and without driving for three days..let us know how it works out, I need another sip of ice water while I turn down the A/C a tad.

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I’ve really been appreciating other people’s gardens during and post-pandemic; my own, not so much!

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I am lucky Mrs Squeeky is the Gardener,and grounds keeper,me I could kill a fake plant.

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I always appreciate nature. Since the pandemic did not stop me from going outside, not much changed. The only tricky thing was I really didn’t like having to go to the bathroom in a public restroom during the pandemic last year, so going to see nature that was more than 30 minutes away carried some risk. We did go do some things though. Walking through the preserve here, and we went to beach one time. Not sure what else.

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I don’t think, I know that pandemic restrictions have led people to enjoy outdoor activities. It’s now difficult to find a camping reservation for the weekend or camping supplies. Novices are irritating those of us who spend time outdoors because many of them don’t appreciate nature. Litter at state and national parks has increased the past year.

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My biggest takeaway from this “shitshow” is how alarmingly compliant citizens are when their government/mainstream media ask them to wag their tails for treats.

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The wife has really done some spectacular work in the garden which is truly remarkable if I notice. I personally don’t trust nature, and have no facility for plants, dirt etc. Gardening requires the sort of commitment I associate with involuntary servitude. My solution to such requirements is a yard paved with concrete. But here we sit with gorgeous flowers the length of all 3 fences. The wife and her girlfriend just love that stuff. I mix the drinks and enjoy the flowers as do the bees.

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Some of my favourite stories from during lock down was how clear the waters became around Venice or how animals were being spotted taking short cuts through cities because there were no people around. Herds of wild goats making themselves comfortable in the hedges in a suburban village in Wales. I felt bad for the folks stuck in the cities that were restricted on where they could enjoy parks and nature walks. If anything, I became more grateful for my little ‘hermitage’ that was so nature-adjacent. That, and my internet connection, so I could carry on working.

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I like nature…from a distance. Preferably behind glass in my nice air conditioned car or house. So, no.

Nature and I have been estranged for decades.

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I did not change my deep appreciation for nature nor became more estranged to it due to Covid.

I have entrenched myself in activities in nature and appreciation for it my entire life. Covid did not stop me from doing these activities. I did have to modify some like Hiking, skiing, camping, travel because of limitations. Yet I always found a way or created a new way to enjoy nature.
I cut my own hiking, mountain biking, and cross country ski trail on my property last fall.

Sadly, I did expand my garden and had more weeds to pull. DA%$ Weeds! I can appreciate your pain.

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Pandemic or no pandemic-the average person is anyhow estranged from the environment

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