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Can gentle walking damage a torn tendon?

Asked by longgone (18220points) 1 month ago

Injury happened almost two weeks ago, the doctor said not to “exercise” for three weeks. But does walking count as exercise? How about a few hours of walking interspersed with rest, like – for example – at a zoo or museum?

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I would say yes. Best to follow your doctor’s advice to the letter. If in doubt, call his/her office.

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Depending on what shape it’s in, yes. Definitely a question for the doctor who’s seen it, and not for people who haven’t.

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if it hurts, don’t do it.

Yes, walking is an exercise. Allow it to recover. Walk minimum and follow Dr recommendation

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I would ask your doctor to be more specific. Tendons take a long time to heal and don’t always heal well. Important to follow the rules. I don’t know much about what you can and can’t do to heal, so I don’t have advice about that. I only know people who have torn tendons had to be quite careful.

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Yep, that’s exercise. If you have to go out, use a cane or crutches so you don’t load that tendon. Maybe ice it when you get home. I am not a doctor, but that’s what I would do.

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Yes. You’re probably okay walking to the bathroom, but not walking around a museum.

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Don’t mess with your feet. More than most people seem to realize, your independence depends on being ambulatory. People do manage without that, but for heaven sake don’t volunteer to give it up. Don’t risk further damage for the sake of one pleasure outing.

Seven jellies in a row agree. How about that?

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After months of tendon injury and going to physio and NOT recovering went to a specialist

who told me to stop the Physio and just let it rest.( the Physio department of the Hospital, in
our Town, was training new students of which exasperated the condition and added more pain.

I ended up going to a specialist ( trained Physiotherapist and experienced).

After six months all better.

He stated that sometimes doing nothing but rest helps. In my case it did,

however I put excess weight on it recently and have pain of which I now take two separate

grocery trips so as not to overload my back pack.

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I would wait for another week.

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The fact that you’re still having pain in the injury two weeks later should tell you something about how slowly tendons take to heal.
Also check that your shoes don’t put pressure on the injured area.

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Thanks, everyone. Fluther helped me through a bad tendon injury years ago. This time, I was just asking for a friend. I passed on the internet’s concern, and he will now call his doctor. You’re all completely right, ankles are fragile and so important.

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Yikes, “the internet” is us?

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