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Is glob the love child of blob and gob?

Asked by raum (9751points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Are there other words that have had babies?

Not counting compound words.

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According to the OED, yes! “Brunch” is another obvious one, as is “smog.” But less known is “boost” (from “boom” and “hoist”).

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Could be. Since all of those words generally refer to amorphous masses, then lexically speaking, they could have reproduced.
However, perhaps a parenthood test is needed to answer this.

My parents, Lob & Sob, procreated me, and proudly named me Slob! ;-D

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I think we need a new such word — “Linner”

The cousin to Brunch. That late lunch that means you’ll skip dinner.

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@cookieman I sue that term already but I call it “lupper”.

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Being lexically litigious, I have sued many terms! ;-o

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@janbb: That works too.

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Glob is actually the shortened version of Globulate.

BLOB is a technical term meaning “Binary Large Object” – see definition

Sailors are sometimes known as “gobs” because of their spitting habits.

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@elbanditoroso “Globulate” isn’t a word outside of Urban Dictionary. And “blob” in the sense of “viscous matter of an indeterminate mass or shape,” which is the sense being asked about in the OP, goes back to the 1400s. BLOB as a backronym for binary large object only goes back to the 1980s.

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too too funny!

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@SavoirFaire Oh neat! Did not know that “boost” came from “boom” and “hoist”.

@Brian1946 Yes! Lots of other portmanteaus. But I’m particularly tickled by this one because they’re a cute mix of anthropomorphic onomatopoeia.

I’m imagining the whole family blipping and blopping about. :P

@cookieman and @janbb I wonder if “linner” is in the urban dictionary? We say “lunchner”. Though I like “lupper”, because “supper” is under appreciated.

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