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Any first impressions on Windows 11?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30461points) 1 month ago

I installed the Windows Insider (early-bird) version this morning. Everything works, but there are couple of things I already don’t like.

1) Programs on the taskbar as now centered by default, but you can change them to the left if you wan’t.

2) All you see are icons on the taskbar – there is no way to have them show the name of the program like you can today.

3) In settings, there is no longer a way to widen your scrollbar. They’re all thin. Yuch.

Has anyone else tried W11 yet?

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Since I work from home, I am not going to install it on a production machine.
I might play around with it later in a VM.

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Still no tabs in explorer.
Can not resize the taskbar.
Can not move the taskbar.
Task manager no longer accessible from right clickin the taskbar.

I do not understand why MS insists on taking away functionality.
They already did that when they replaced the control panel with this convoluted, nested settings bullshit.

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I uninstalled it after 48 hours and went back to W10.

Somehow, without me asking for it to do so, it decided to activate my Windows firewall. (I have it turned off inside my network). No notifications – the problem was that I could no longer FTP from one computer to another.

I won’t use an operating system that makes fundamental changes like that without asking about it,

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I haven’t seen it, so I’ve yet to try Windows 11.

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Just hope all my sofware works with Windows 11. Better to wait a year or so I guess

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