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Do you know anyone who got the vaccine twice but developed Covid months later?

Asked by Aster (20023points) August 2nd, 2021

I know of three. My daughter’s sister in law and husband. My good friend , an RN who works in the ICU with Covid patients got it and so did her husband. She’s better now but has to go through quarantine at home.
None were hospitalized.

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Yes, a couple of people did. Mild symptoms, two weeks quarantine. Neither hospitalized. Both of my friends would likely have been seriously affected had they not been vaccinated.

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Good point.

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Yes, my mom. But she has underlying conditions and her workplace was infected.
Not hospitalized.

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Yes and no.
My daughter’s brother-in-law is currently hospitalized for Covid. He got the one shot J&J.
He is supposed to be released today or tomorrow. His health is fragile, because he has been going through chemotherapy for his stage 4 cancer, which is in his lungs.
If he hadn’t had the shot, his having Covid would have killed him.

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Yes. A good friend. He has been super vigilant up to about a month ago.

He however traveled a few weeks ago to Texas for a wedding and got it.

It was not a severe case, but nonetheless, he is back to being super vigilant.

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Yes. Four people personally. About 15 indirectly. 12 of the 15 are a group of people who were all at a club who I assume were all together mingling, they are mostly all retired, they live in a 55 and up community, so I’m assuming all over age 55. Actually, working with that assumption, all breakthrough cases I know of are over age 50, most over age 60. Two people are hospitalized. Some were immunocompromised before vaccination. One of the hospitalized people was definitely immunocompromised.

I wish the governments were doing a better job monitoring breakthrough cases so we knew incidence by age.

@KNOWITALL You and your mom have been so careful, it’s so unfair. Thank goodness it isn’t a very bad case.

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No, thankfully.

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@JLeslie Yes but I’m grateful she never hesitated on the vaccine or she’d likely be dead now.

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In my opinion the 99.99% being said is not correct. I think there are more breakthrough in hospitals than .01%, but it’s still very very low, and I think mostly older or immunocompromised people. Does anyone know the actual statistic from a reliable source? Do they break it down by age and pre-existing health conditions?

@KNOWITALL I know a few people where I live who always wore masks, always took COVID seriously, and then in the last few months after being vaccinated they took of their masks and went back to normal and just recently caught covid. I did the same taking off my mask and more normal, but luckily I didn’t catch the virus (so far). I’m back to being more careful for now. It sounds like you haven’t caught it from your mom.

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@JLeslie Nope, we enforce the rules even in our family. We social distance visit while she’s on her front porch and we’re on the lawn furniture usually.

I won’t give up seeing or visiting my mom for any reason but I will also not kill her by being careless. She actually came over this weekend so I got to spoil her with a big meal, flowers and loaded her up for the week with fresh garden produce to keep her immunity loaded up. She was tired of being alone and we’re all symptom-free.
Not a perfect system, but we never know how long she has in her condition so if she wants to take the chance of a hug, I won’t deny her. :)

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