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What are the different regions in Germany known for?

Asked by yaujj48 (226points) 1 month ago

(This is my revised question, hopefully it does not sound like a ‘homework’ question)

In Holy Roman Empire, there are many regions like Swabia, Franconia, Saxony, Bavaria etc. I been curious what region have their own specialty and stereotypes.

Despite the unity, each region will always have their own culture and I like to find out what they are known for.

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Well, Saxony is known for being a breeding ground for Neo Nazis and adjacents.
That is not an inaccurate assessment.

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^^ Definitely a lolli question ^^

The rest of us non-continentals will have to Google, or make stuff up.

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Bavaria has the best people! ;-d
It’s also home to the maker of the world’s least reliable luxury cars.

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Beer. And Oktoberfest.

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@JLoon What do you mean “lolli”?

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@yaujj48 – ragingloli.

She lives in Germany.

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With the caveat that these really are just stereotypes:

* people up North are standoffish, but funny
* in the Ruhr area, most are very direct (not too polite) but open/friendly. The Ruhr area is very urban and neither glamorous nor pretty.
* Rhineland-Palatinate is very “cultured”. Lots of wine and good food. French influences.
* For Bavaria, the stereotypes are “more beer than average” (that’s saying something) and “friendly, welcoming, conservative, high standards in school, hicks.”
* what @ragingloli said about Saxony, but I’ll add that nature is beautiful over there

Here’s a video of a German talking about the different regions and what they’re known for.

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