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IWeb issues?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 12th, 2008

I am trying to upload a site to the file sharing system (my name is blurred out) and I can’t edit it. like I upload the website from iWeb but it doesn’t change. I am not sure why. Do you?

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Obviously it is not a part of MobileMe.

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where are you uploading the website to? you need to hit “publish to folder” in iweb. this will create the website as if it were on the internet on a server but instaed in a folder on your computer. then you can either upload via http to a web server or access the site with file sharing.

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I did that and my site in Safari doesn’t change.

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Dude. That is a local copy of Apache running on your computer. Shouldn’t you be pushing it off to Apples server? Assuming you have mobile me.

*note. I haven’t used iWeb but I know about Apache on OS X.

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Yes. But I don’t have MM. And I didn’t download an app or anything. I just clicked Web Sharing in Sharing in Sys. Pref. That is all.

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Click the little question mark and it will be explained. If you are behind a router you will need to forwart port 80 to you local IP.

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Uh, It’s not really helping me jp.

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Well, he’s trying, and I’m fairly sure this is a case of Pebcak

If I understand correctly (and your lack of an accurate description is hindering this), you have created a site in iWeb that you want to use your local mac as the web host for.

You’ve successfully enabled Web Sharing, but you also need to copy the folder generated by iWeb to the ‘Sites’ folder which you’ll find under your ‘home’ folder. You know, where Pictures, Documents, Downloads etc is. There’s a folder called ‘Sites’ there too.

Try that and then visit http://new-host.home in your browser again, and make sure you hit refresh.

—As an aside, there is little or no point in hosting your site on your own Mac unless it has a 24/7 connection to the internet, and you leave it on all the time. Get a proper web host and follow some tutorials at Webmonkey .

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Thank you so much ben. That worked perfectly.

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No trouble.

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