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Since we are witnessing a transformation in regards to future careers,are you prepared?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13156points) 2 weeks ago

Here is an excellant article that at the end of page is Quiz to complete to determine where you may fit best in terms to career choices in the coming years.
I will put the link in the comments section, otherwise enjoy this informative article that will expand your choices.

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I completed that short quiz and it determined that I belong in the Yellow World.

“Meaning that I am looking for flexibility,fulfilment, and meaning.
You will thrive in the Yellow World ( Category)”

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I prepared for it by retiring three years ago!

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So did I but what if retiremnet income ins’t enough or worse cancelled or changed in the future.
Because i etired doesn’t mean tht I can’t create and do things, it just means we are not paid for it.

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@Inspired_2write Of course; I’m an artist. But your question references “future careers” and I don’t plan to have one.

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An artist is a career too no matter what stage in life.

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I also got Yellow World


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Yellow World in da house!

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I’m a mellow yellow fellow!

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It came up yellow for me, but I call bs. What is says about yellow doesn’t mesh with the answers I gave.

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