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When will Biden's federal vaccine mandate go into effect?

Asked by Cindy1302 (91points) 1 week ago
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The last I heard (yesterday, 9–9-2021) the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that there will be no Federal vaccine mandate. Psaki said that mandates are up to State and local governments to determine.

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We don’t know yet. All that was announced is that a new rule is being developed. And importantly, there will only be a vaccine mandate for federal employees (something we’ve know was coming for a long time). Businesses with 100+ employees will also be required to make sure that their unvaccinated umployees present a negative COVID-19 test at least once a week, but the decision to mandate vaccines for their employees remains with them. No other group is affected.

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Wouldn’t it be interesting if the state borders were closed where people refuse to take measures against covid.

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I don’t see any federal mandate coming. What are we going to do? Throw 50 million people in jail? Whatever the number is.

@kneesox I wish they would close my state border and when people do cross have them in a monitored quarantine. It will never happen.

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Maybe the red states would close their borders to keep all that nasty health and wellness stuff out. And of course keep their mad righteousness from excaping and getting diluted.

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@JLeslie Historically, those who have violated mandates were fined, not thrown in jail. Although in this case, federal employees who refuse to comply will presumably be at risk of losing their jobs instead.

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^^That’s regarding the federal employees, but I interpreted the OP as meaning a mandate for all residents in the US.

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^ Her question was about federal employees.

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@JLeslie Better to start with not letting anyone from your state OUT, starting with your governor who thinks any health measure is a personal matter and would have let Typhoid Mary continue working as a cook.

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I’m reffering torwards the mandate for. Federal employees.

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@zenvelo My state is more vaccinated than over half the states. We ranked 22nd last I looked for fully vaccinated.

My state is always in the top three vacation destination for summer months for domestic travel. Close my border in and out and it will not only save people in my state, but also people in every state.

MS, AL, TN, GA, SC, they bring covid here, give it to anyone and everyone who is here, and then people bring it back home to GA, MS, MI, OH, NY, PA, MA, IN, IL, you name it.

People seem to think it all starts here, my personal belief is a lot of transmission happens here and that a lot of it starts from tourists.

I’m waiting to see what happens now that school finally has started up north. Labor Day we had a ton of visitors here, but hopefully by the end of the month our cases go way down in FL.

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@JLeslie Who (Governor of Florida) is suing the school systems over mandates to wear mask in school . . . and took funds away from those school systems that did mandate masks. > >

K through 6th grade are not vaccinated. How many kids is DeSantis trying to get sick and maybe die? ?

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I disagree with the first post. It is my understanding that Biden announced a Federal mandate for vaccination for Federal employees, Federal contract workers, hospital employees and businesses over 100 employees although they may offer mandatory testing instead.

Here’s an article:

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@Tropical_Willie Yeah, he’s being a total ass. Meanwhile, this huge surge in cases has nothing to do with school being in session. School was not in session in the summer.

Obsessing about schools seems like a great distraction during the summer so Florida continued to make tourist revenue. Just my opinion. Really frustrating to me!

School districts that are having some of the biggest quarantine numbers in Florida have mask orders in their schools, the kids walked in with covid. I fully support the masks in schools, especially the cities that are densely populated with high case load. The courts also have said DeSantis can’t prevent a school district from requiring masks.

DeSantis probably is raking in donor money from the crazy base, and Democrats and media feel they make points harping on the school issue.

TOURISM is my biggest gripe (that includes family and friends visiting) aside from the people who won’t vaccinate or mask in public indoor spaces. Most schools will put in safety measures. Even during big flu outbreaks schools close.

We are off topic, probably we should create a new Q.

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@gondwanalon: The mandate that is up to state and local governments is the mask mandate, not a vaccine mandate.

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