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Ever hear of a joke product like this in a spray can?

Asked by kneesox (3856points) 4 weeks ago

It was just rosewater, packaged in spray form with a label something like Guilt-Away. I thought it was funny and gave it to somebody at work who was always feeling bad about not exceeding expectations by a big enough margin.

I was wondering if there’s anything similar to spray away gremlins and anything else that seems to inflict Murphy’s Law on you. I know someone who seems plagued by little things going wrong in his world, and I wondered if there’s a Gremlin-B-Gone for him. A little gentle humor can give a person a lift.

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Spencer Gifts (are they even in business any more?) use to have dumb stuff like this.

And you used to find ads for this stuff on the last couple of pages of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics.

Seems like all that garbage was “made in Japan”

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I might check the Archie MacPhee catalog.

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This isn’t for spraying in the office but their commercials make me laugh when I think of them.
Poo Pourri
The dialog and facial expressions are hilarious.

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soooo funny but cheezy too.

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